Dejan Nikolić

Director of the Belgrade Marathon

Dejan Nikolić, Belgrade Marathon Director

Year of Recognition and Obligation

As in each of the previous 31 years, the build up to this year’s 32nd Belgrade Marathon again sees its director, Dejan Nikolić, and all of his colleagues overwhelmed by obligations that they overcome one after another, but this time they’re also receiving invaluable international acknowledgements one after another
Dejan Nikolić

Dejan Nikolić, Director of the Belgrade Marathon

Athletics Association of Serbia Obstructs Country’s Biggest Athletics Event

Last year's 30th Belgrade Marathon broke all previous records on its new course - 7,000 participants from 70 countries – while beautifying the event with selected words were legends of world sport Carl Lewis, Roza Mota, Galina Chistyakova, Bob Beamon, Mike Powell, Lasse Virén, Kevin Young and Javier Sotomayor. Not even the Olympic Games has so many “ambassadors” of this format have no Olympic Games
Dejan Nikolic

Dejan Nikolić, Director of the Belgrade Marathon

Ten Legends And A Record 8,000 Runners

The Belgrade Marathon – in its thirtieth year, is the most important traditional sporting event in Belgrade and Serbia, which has long since outgrown the boundaries of a mere sporting competition and become a promotional sporting and tourism event that leaves an increasingly deeper mark on the life of the capital, including in economic terms