Danijela Fišakov

President of the Slovenian Business Club (SPK)

Slovenian Business Club Celebrates 15th anniversary

At the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade, Slovenian Business Club (SPK) ceremoniously marked its 15th anniversary of successful work and continuous and stable growth. On...

Slovenian Business Club Working Meeting

The Slovenian Business Club (SPK) hosted a working meeting hosting the Minister of Labor of the Republic of Slovenia Ksenija Klampfer and representatives of...

Slovenian Business Club’s annual Martinovanje event

This year, at the traditional event of the SPK Martinovanje 2018 - wine festival, the Slovenian Business Club in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist...

Danijela Fišakov, President Of The Slovenian Business Club

Both Form & Heart

The existence of a vision in setting goals, perseverance and dedication in their accomplishment, and (why not?) a certain dose of romance – this is the recipe for the enduring presence and growth of the Slovenian Business Club

Industry 4.0 Slovenia-Serbia Digital Transformation Of The Economy

The Slovenian Business Club (SPK) and the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Serbia, organised a panel discussion on the topic "Industry 4.0 Slovenia-Serbia Digital Transformation of the Economy", within the 62nd International Fair of Techniques and Technological Achievements in Belgrade.


Challenges And Opportunities

Accelerated reforms, particularly those in the area of improving the business climate, ensure that the opinions of business associations are more important than ever. The increasingly open and constructive dialogue between the government and business leaders, which also resulted in Serbia making continuous progress on the World Bank’s ’Doing Business’ list, compelled us to set aside space in the New Year’s edition of CorD for the comments of presidents of chambers of commerce and organisations, business clubs and associations that bring together members of industry, NGOs and representatives of the local community.
Slovenian Business Club (SPK): SPK Elects New Managing Board

Slovenian Business Club (SPK): SPK Elects New Managing Board

At this year's Assembly of the Slovenian Business Club (SPK), Danijela Fišakov was unanimously re-appointed president.

SPK New Year Reception

President of the Slovenian Business Club (SPK), Danijela Fišakov, welcomed guests to the SPK New Year’s celebration and briefly summarised 2017 as a successful...

Speed Business Meeting

The Slovenian Business Club - SPK, the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce- SSCC and the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce-BSCC have jointly organised a “Speed Business...

Working Meeting Of The Slovenian Business Club

A working meeting organised by the Slovenian Business Club (SPK) has been held at Belgrade’s IN Hotel on the topic “Political and Economic Cooperation...

SPK Working Meeting With Igor Mirović

Vojvodina business environment and investment climate presented to the large number of Slovenian Business Club members and officials in attendance

SPK Working Meeting

8.6.2017The Business Environment of Vojvodina

Working Meeting Of The Slovenian Business Club

The Slovenian Business Club organised a Working Meeting with Željko Sertić, Director of the Development Agency of Serbia, covering the subject of conditions for doing business in Serbia, Slovenian investments, as well as the Government’s plans for improving the business environment.

Traditional Martinovanje Celebration In Belgrade

Celebration of the Feast of St. Martin in Belgrade on 17th November

June Reception of the Slovenian Business Club

In order to round out the first working part of the year and start the summer holiday season in the best possible way, the Slovenian Business Club (SPK) in Belgrade organised a summer cocktail reception on the Acapulco raft bar

Danijela Fišakov, predsednica Slovenačkog poslovnog kluba

Uspešne reforme privlače nove investitore

Slovenačke kompanije su oduvek pokazivale interes za investiranjem u Srbiji, u nekom periodu više, a u nekom manje, a privredna saradnja između dve zemlje je skoro uvek bila dobra. Slovenačke kompanije se, generalno, dobro osećaju u Srbiji. Ako imaju priliku, odnosno ako se steknu povoljni uslovi za investiranje, one će uvek radije investirati u Srbiju nego u neku drugu zemlju pogotovo u onu koja nije u blizini.