Ambassador Schieb announces the exhibition of German contemporary art

On the occasion of the upcoming opening of the German contemporary art exhibition "Travelling the World. Art from Germany." at the Museum of Contemporary Art...

Airport City - The “Film Set” Exhibition

When Business Creates Art

The “Film set” exhibition offered original photos of our most famous actors produced in only one copy and featuring their signature- all revenue intended for FDU

Milorad Milinković, Film Director, Screenwriter, Football Commentator

We’re Living in Tech-noir

Milorad Milinković is shooting a television series called Kljun [Beak], which he says will be Panonian film-noir, based on a clash of mentalities

Ambassador Fabrizi marks the end of the European Year of Cultural...

2018 was the European Year of Cultural Heritage, a year of events, activities and celebrations in Serbia and all around Europe to encourage the...

Traditional Crafts in Japan

Japanese National Treasures

Japanese crafts are as old as Japan itself. Rural crafts were made with natural materials to provide for daily necessities, and with time they became increasingly complex and sophisticated. Crafts were then produced to be exported and to help the economy.

Exhibition Iranian Cultural Heritage Held in Belgrade

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Belgrade and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia organised an exhibition titled "Iranian...
Boris Miljković, Creative director of Serbian National Television Company RTS

Boris Miljković, Creative director of Serbian National Television (RTS)

No Room to Create the New

Boris Bota Miljković's artistic video works have been exhibited at New York's MoMA and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston

The Exhibition: Serbian Heroes of the Battle of Kosovo – Rulers...

An exhibition by the artist Ljubinka Šiba Fimić entitled Serbian Heroes of the Kosovo Battle - Rulers of Eternity was held at the Vlada...

Days of Italian Contemporary Art in Belgrade

An international exhibition titled "Homo Interior" was opened at the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade on the occasion of marking the Days of Italian...

Indian Embassy Hosts Art Exhibition

The Embassy of India in Belgrade and the National Assembly of Serbia, in association with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, is organising an art...
Miljen Kreka Kljaković, Production Designer, Imagining on a Given Topic

Miljen Kreka Kljaković, Production Designer

Imagining on a Given Topic

"I primarily like to deal with historical themes in which we have to reconstruct places and times that no longer exist and are far behind us"
Juan Gris: Still Life With A Guitar

Spain - Contemporary Art

Modern-Day Conquest of the Contemporary Art World

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that Spain has an extraordinary art heritage, with masters such as Diego Velazquez and Francisco Goya hailing from the country. But Spain doesn’t have to be too attached to its past when it comes to art, as it also has many contemporary achievements: its new centres, galleries and museums for contemporary art are praised as being some of the best in the world. Here we explore three of these fantastic art venues, in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona
Stephansdom Is A World-famous Cultural Heritage Site In Austria


Preserving Austrian Heritage

The Federal Monuments Authority Austria (FMAA) protects and maintains the material cultural heritage of Austria and demonstrates the social importance of this task

34th Belgrade Jazz Festival

25-29 Oct 2018

Film festival dedicated to Ingmar Bergman opened

The screening of the film "Saraband", the last film directed by Ingmar Bergman, opened a festival dedicated to this Swedish director, producer and screenwriter...
GoetheFest 2018

7th GoetheFEST 2018

11-16 Oct. 2018