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H.E. Gordan Bakota Croatian Ambassador To Serbia, We Can Do Better

Gordan Bakota, Croatian Ambassador to Serbia

We Can Do Better

What it is crucial is to ensure is the realisation of all rights guaranteed by the existing national and international legal framework for the protection of minorities. Relations with the countries of Southeast Europe and EU enlargement will among the main priorities of Croatia’s presidency of the EU in the first half of 2020, says Ambassador Gordan Bakota

Croatian Statehood Day Commemorated

The Croatian Embassy in Serbia has celebrated Croatian Statehood Day and Croatian Armed Forces Day at Belgrade’s Crown Plaza Hotel. Croatian Ambassador H.E. Gordan Bakota...

Ivo Josipović, Former President Of The Republic Of Croatia:

I Fear “The Relocation Of Syria To The Balkans”

I think many analysts, and not just foreign ones, rightly warn that the situation could spiral out of control. Instability, and the political ideas that encourage it, is visible in several countries. Personally, I most fear the kind of unravelling that I vividly dub “the relocation of Syria to the Balkans”. However, I hope there will be enough wisdom to avoid any scenario in which the wider region would again experience armed conflict and violence – says former Croatian President Ivo Josipović.

Croatian Chamber Of Commerce Opens Office In Serbia

"Serbian products are increasingly finding their place on the Croatian market, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce remains a great partner to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce"

President Pays Two-Day Visit To Croatia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has embarked on a two-day visit to Croatia amid continued acrimony between the two neighbors.

HPK Annual General Assembly Held

Almost thirty members of the Croatian Business Club (CBC/HPK) attended the annual session of the HPK Assembly, held on January 25th at the Belgrade's...

New Year’s Reception At Croatian Ambassadorial Residence

In order to mark the occasion of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Serbia, H.E....

H.E. Gordan Bakota

New Croatian Ambassador to Serbia

Shortage Of Labour Force In The Region

The unemployment rate in Serbia has been reduced in the last two years from 17.7% to 15.3% and according to the forecast a further decline is expected by the end of 2017

Croatian Statehood And Armed Forces Days Commemorated

21.6.2017Ambassador Markotić welcomed members of the diplomatic corps, as well as guests from Serbia's public life

Croatian BusinessClub Gathering

12.6.2017Traditional before the Summer break gathering

European Standards, Regional Success

Company AGIT 2008, one of the leading firms in the field of general cargo transport services and intermodal units in the region, organised a formal gathering to present its current business plans, visions of the future and new business premises.

Sasa Drezgić, Deputy Minister of Finance of Croatia and President of the Regional BFC SEE Network:

The BFC SEE Programme Has Established A Channel Of Trust And...

The final word on any investment comes from the local community. If the investment process is not synchronised and well-structured, there is little chance of projects being realised
Croatian Artist Creates Art Using Kitchen Salt

Croatian Artist Creates Art Using Kitchen Salt

Croatian artist Dino Tomic uѕuаllу works wіth conventional materials lіkе pencils аnd paper, but hіѕ latest project hаѕ hіm spreading kitchen salt оn а black background tо create insanely detailed portraits аnd Indian mandalas.
Davor Romic

Davor Romić, Croatian Agriculture Minister:

Croatia is Open to All Forms Of Cooperation

Serbia and Croatia were until recently members of the same community, integral parts of a single country, while today they are the closest of neighbours, who have good cooperation in various fields because there is mutual willingness and scope for cooperation
Luka Burilovic

Luka Burilović, President of the Croatian Chamber of the Economy:

We Can Do Better

Serbia and Croatia have the potential to work together better than has been the case to date, from joint investments to joint exports. On the global scale, our economies are both small, but through joint forces we can count on larger markets, simpler business start-ups on third markets and better references
Gordan Markotic

H.E. Gordan Markotić, Croatian Ambassador to Serbia:

While There Are Neighbours, There Will Be Open Issues

Croatia strives to help Serbia in its European integration process, and the issues highlighted in this process are important both for Serbia and for the whole process of building sustainable peace, security and reconciliation in this part of Europe. For them, the European framework is relevant, rather than the bilateral one
Marija Radulovic

Marija Radulović, President of the Croatian Business Club in Belgrade:

Busines speople Speak the Language of Cooperation

Strengthening economic cooperation between Croatia and Serbia contributes to progress in the entire region, and withstands the challenges posed by occasional political disputes. The operations of members of the Croatian Business Club, in which colleagues share their experiences about the challenges of European integration and jointly participate in international programmes and initiatives, is a good example of constructive responses to transient tensions