CorD 180

October 2019, Issue No. 180

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramović and Giuliano Argenziano

Rice With Black Lentils

We sat down and spoke with the grandma of performance, arguably the most successful performance artist in history, and Giuliano Ardenzo, director of Marina Abramovic LLC. - an art historian with a sense for business
Milan Mišić


Blunders in the Gulf

More than previously – or so media dramatisation makes it seem to us – the world stage is witnessing unexpected twists and turns that are tense and implicitly dangerous
Raul Bartolome Molina Ambassador Of Spain To Serbia

H.E. Raul Bartolomé Molina, Ambassador of Spain to Serbia

Spanish Support Remains

Not playing along with the majority is always difficult in life. Spain’s stance on the Kosovo issue is too well known in the international community and among our other partners in the EU. And although it sometimes has some costs to our country, Spain will continue supporting Serbia on the Kosovo issue and working constructively to ensure peace and stability in the whole region, since we do strongly believe that is the right thing to do according to international law - Raul Bartolome Molina
Fake News illustration


What’s Wrong With The News?

The rise of data analytics has made journalists and their editors confident that they know what the people want. Why, then, did almost one-third of respondents to the Reuters Institute’s latest Digital News Report say that they regularly avoid news altogether?
Focus: Election year 2020 and reforms

Focus: Election year 2020 and reforms – Are we already feeling the impact?

Looming Challenges Require Bolder Political Responses

Although Serbia has for years been living in a state of permanent election campaigning, current developments are adding new steam to political dynamics, thus capturing the attention of the international and national public, and making the upcoming 2020 elections a hotter issue than previous votes. However, political responses are failing to address strategic societal and economic challenges that require the close attention of the incumbent government and political contenders
Rovinj Weekend Media Festival

12th Weekend Media Festival

On Peace, Love And Communication

Through discussions about the never more interesting or faster transformation of the media industry and advocacy for freedom of decision-making under the slogan “Peace, love and communication”, the 12th Weekend Media Festival, the largest media festival in the region, was held in Rovinj, in the spirit of the legendary Woodstock


Data Provides Benefits

The data management model helps banks turn raw data into opportunities
Žarko Kecić, Chief Technical Officer, RNIDS

Žarko Kecić, Chief Technical Officer, RNIDS

Take Care Of Your Online Presence

Having an online presence provides an opportunity for businesses of all sizes and from all over the world to reach out to a broader customer base, to hire international suppliers and to operate more efficiently. However, the world of online business also needs to overcome potential scams and security risks. Data breaches and cyber theft aren’t problems that are only faced by big companies. A successful cyber attack could seriously damage any business and cause financial problems for any company and its customers, while seriously damaging a business’s reputation
Igor Urošević, Head of Technical Department South-East Europe, Ingram Micro

Igor Urošević, Head of Technical Department South-East Europe, Ingram Micro

Our Team Has a Solution for Everything

Ingram Micro d.o.o. Belgrade is part of the Ingram Micro Group - the largest global distributor of IT equipment, whether the criterion is global revenue, number of contracts with manufacturers of IT equipment or coverage of different international markets
Yoshihiro Nakamats

Yoshihiro Nakamats

Japan’s Wackiest Inventor

Japan has a storied history of technical wizardry, but even then Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born 1928) stands out as a cut above the rest. Better known as Dr NakaMats, he’s a celebrity inventor who claims to have held over 4,000 patents, which would be a world record. He’s known for his loopy, goof-ball demeanour, which makes him something of a cross between Nikola Tesla and Willy Wonka
Dragan Djordjević, Director, Training and HR Agency Skills

Dragan Djordjević, Director, Training and HR Agency Skills

Don’t Be Good, Be Great!

At Skills, the first training and HR agency in Serbia, we believe that investing in people, their education and skills, is a key component of every company’s success. We offer much more than “ordinary” training as we develop programmes to meet the needs of our clients
Gordana Danilović Grković

Gordana Danilović Grković, Acting Director of Science Technology Park Belgrade

Problems are Challenges for Youngsters

I worked in science for a long time and am fascinated by the scientific research sector, the abundance of knowledge that exists there, conceived technologies, methods, prototypes etc. That is really our wealth. That’s what the world calls ‘potential for innovation’, and in all analyses our best rating is precisely in that part. Where we lag behind the rest of the world is in the commercialisation of innovation
Chilean Contemporary Art

Chilean Contemporary Art

Less Obvious Language

When it comes to the global contemporary art scene, Chile doesn’t appear to be among its MVPs – at least not at first glance. However, for those wanting to delve beyond the mainstream and get to know the exotic outskirts of the discipline, the Chilean art story might just be among the most compelling today, with a culture that’s quite different from the one known by Western civilisation
Jugoslav Vlahović

Jugoslav Vlahović, Artist

General Practitioner Cartoonist

He is a cartoonist, illustrator, graphic artist, artist in the service of the press and the recipient of the greatest national and international awards. He says that humourists and cartoonists have been considered insane for centuries. Today the situation has changed, with many speakers and leaders, along with their listeners and followers, having gone insane, while cartoonists are serious, socially responsible and, of course, humorous
October 2013 fashion, Edgy Fall Coats, Autumn fashion


Edgy Fall Coats

It could be said that the traditional coat has its main moment in fall. Of all the fashion classics, the humble coat remains a...