CorD 178

August 2019, no 178 issue

Pekka Haavisto Finnish Foreign Minister

Pekka Haavisto, Finnish Foreign Minister

We Europeans Are In The Same Boat

The Finnish Presidency will maintain a focus on the enlargement policy, which we consider a strategic investment in peace, stability and prosperity in Europe. The Western Balkans is at the heart of Europe, both geographically and historically, and negative developments in the Western Balkans would sooner or later cause negative consequences in Europe, including Finland
Srđan Majstorović, Chairman of the Governing Board, European Policy Centre – CEP

Srđan Majstorović, Chairman of the Governing Board, European Policy Centre – CEP

The Treacherous Summer of 2019

Following the European Parliament (EP) elections and the start of the process of forming new EU bodies, it is obvious that the Union as we know it today is set to change
Koenraad Adam Ambassador of Belgium in Serbia

H.E. Koenraad Adam, Ambassador of Belgium

No Shortcut to EU Accession

We have, over recent years, consistently defended the view that the Western Balkans needs to be given a European, merit-based perspective. That means that...
EU Leaders 2019

EU Election 2019

The New Leaders Nominated to Head the EU

Following a three-day marathon summit, European Union leaders elected five key positions to head the EU, with German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyden poised to take over the European Commission presidency

Focus: Banking Sector

In Which Direction is the Banking Sector Headed in Serbia?

The announced privatisation of Komercijalna Banka has again prompted the question of banking sector consolidation to emerge among experts and the general public. Contrary to expectations from the beginning of the 2000s, the arrival of global banking groups and conglomerates now seems unlikely, but new market entrants are not excluded
Top Paying Jobs in Finance


Top Paying Jobs in Finance

“Wolves of Wall Street” aren’t the only ones who can live an extraordinary life. In fact, there are many ways to make good money by dealing with financial assets and operations. The bestpaid professions are in both traditional finance and the rapidly-developing fintech sector
Luštica Bay

Luštica Bay

Living Every Momentum

With a happening harbour-front and a range of beautiful waterside apartments, there has never been a better time to join the momentum of Luštica Bay
Serbia: Europe’s Next Tech Talent Hotspot

Serbia: Europe’s Next Tech Talent Hotspot

People Make the Difference

Serbia’s rise as a key outsourcing nation has been on the cards for a long time. Cost-effective, talented and driven – there’s a clear trend in the quality of tech teams hailing from Serbia that undergo the tech due diligence process of the Digital Knights
OECD: Agriculture

OECD: Agriculture

Innovation is Key to Improving Productivity

The food and agriculture sector is expected to provide healthy, safe and nutritious food for a growing population, whilst simultaneously supplying feed for ever more farm animals, as well as providing fibre and fuel and other bio-based products for a range of industrial uses
Robin Hutson, Hotelier

Robin Hutson, Hotelier

From Failure to Multi-Millionaire

Robin Hutson’s life would probably have been far less successful if he hadn’t failed his school exams. Responsible for bringing power showers and fresh coffee to UK hotel rooms, Robin Hutson and his wife Judy have helped revolutionise the British hotel experience. Now they run an acclaimed group of hotels together called The Pig
Jelena Bogavac, Theatre Director, Dramatist, Writer

Jelena Bogavac, Theatre Director, Dramatist, Writer

Life is an Eternal Dress Rehearsal

I often say that my life is that which flows between premieres. The theatre is such that demands the entire person... or at least their better part. Everything has long since become a theatre. Life caught the rhythm of rehearsals. Life is a dress rehearsal on the eve of a theatre premiere
Contemporary Inuit Art KENOJUAK ASHEVAK

Contemporary Inuit Art: Beautiful & Tragic

Global warming is having a profound effect on the circumpolar world. Late ice formation and early melt are changing animal behaviour and ancestral travel...
Darko Tanasković, Professor and diplomat

Darko Tanasković, Professor and Diplomat

We’ve Always Been Europeans, Even Without the EU

His parents provided him with a good upbringing, he completed oriental studies with ease, earned his doctorate and spent most of his career as a university professor. He also proved himself to be a good diplomat as ambassador to Turkey, the Holy See and UNESCO. This month he speaks to CorD about his upbringing, his family, Islam, Serbia and the EU, but also French President Macron.
fashion-cord 178


Dressed to Party

Of all the fashion-based dilemmas in life, what to wear to a summer party must be among the most difficult, due to the many...