CorD 177

July 2019, no 177 issue

Peter Pellegrini, Prime Minister of Slovakia

EU Enlargement is a Strategic Investment

Candidate countries must meet all accession criteria, while the enlargement process must be credible with respect to both the EU and candidate countries. The EU should also show empathy for the difficulties being dealt with by accession countries. It is a complex process that implies a shared vision of the future, commitments and their implementation, hard work and mutual trust – Peter Pellegrini
Oana Cristina Popa

H.E. Oana-Cristina Popa, Ambassador of Romania to Serbia

Reviving the EU’s Fundamental Mission

Enlargement remains high on the EU agenda. The trio of presidencies - starting with Romania and continuing with Finland and Croatia – will maintain this priority, says Ambassador Oana-Cristina Popa
Dejan Soskic

Dejan Šoškić, Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (EFB)

Real Measure of Serbia’s Success

It is true that Serbia recently borrowed on the external market at an extremely low-interest rate compared to the previous borrowing of our country, but it remains three times higher than the interest rate paid by Portugal or Bulgaria. Greece’s experience shows that a country mustn’t give in to the temptation to substantially raise its public debt in conditions of low-interest rates

Dr Stuart Kohlhagen PSM, Director of Science and Learning at Questacon

Education for a Future-Proof Society

Society, technology and the world around us are changing rapidly. It is difficult to even orientate oneself in the midst of the 5th industrial revolution, with global and large-scale challenges like the climate crisis and accelerating environmental threats, risks related to population growth, political instabilities or autonomous intelligence. Can a future-proof education lead to a future-proof society and spark innovation?

FOCUS: Does conventional agriculture (still) represent our chance on the world market?

Serbia Can Utilise It’s Potentials More Intelligently

If the export of conventional agriculture products implies wheat and corn, then we have long since learned the lesson that their production contributes little to economic growth and profitable exports. However, if we diversify production, focus on products with higher added value and introduce high standards in production, the possibility exists that we can generate profits on the resources we possess
EU Europe


5 Lessons from the European Election

If European elections used to be a sedate affair, the 2019 iteration was anything but. Besides the obvious — a growing fragmentation of European politics, a solid but not dominant position of the far right and an increasingly green left — five lessons emerge from EU’s vote

Aleksandra Todorović Sučević, Director, Delta Inženjering

Delta Inženjering – Renowned Name for 30 Years Already

For this company that launched independent operations at the start of 1990, the first decade was conditioned by tough economic and political conditions, representing a major professional challenge
Luštica Bay

Luštica Bay: A Summer Like No Other

The 2019 summer season has arrived and Luštica Bay is readier than ever. With the opening of its Marina Village and the five-star Chedi...

Jelena V. Jonovska, Lawyer, Jonovski Law Firm

Language and Customs Connect the Slavic Countries

Thanks to authorised permanent court interpreters for Macedonian, Bosnian, Slovak and English, Jonovski Law Office provides its clients with additional security in business negotiations when concluding a contract, and in any judicial or other proceedings

Alkiviades ‘Alki’ David

Hollywood’s Biggest Troublemaker

Alkiviades ‘Alki’ David is heir to the Coca-Cola Hellenic shipping and bottling company, and is one of the most famous entrepreneurs, known for his diverse interests and business ventures. He is also a successful producer and actor, but also one of Hollywood’s biggest troublemakers
Francine Pickup UNDP

Francine Pickup, Resident Representative, UNDP Serbia

Creating Change Through Innovation and Strong Partnerships

I am excited to be in Serbia, because it has the potential to create regional change by addressing critical development concerns that go beyond...

Contemporary Portuguese Art

An Exciting Combination

Lisbon has all the ingredients needed to become Europe’s next red-hot art destination: new galleries are opening there, international dealers are setting up outposts, and dozens of artists are flocking there for its affordable housing and studio rents. The city, which boasts a refreshing mix of commercial and non-profit spaces, also has a contemporary art fair, ARCOlisboa
Marko Nicovic

Marko Nicović, Lawyer

The Serbian Eliot Ness

There is no film frame that could encompass the entire career and “life story” of the gentleman (former comrade) Marko Nicović. The glory he earned with his police badge while wearing the highest quality blazer and Ray-Ban sunglasses is on a par with the heroes of Hollywood action films like Rambo or the real fighter against smugglers in America during the 1930s - Eliot Ness!


Summer Gadget Trends 2019

Hit the beach in style this season with chic summer essentials, cool accessories and high-tech devices designed to take your sunny escape to the...