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Ana Palacio Project Syndicate

Ana Palacio, Project Syndicate

The EU’s Four Challenges

Whatever the next European Parliament’s composition, the imperative will be the same: EU institutions must trade ambition for humility, focusing their attention not on their own power or status, but rather on upgrading and fortifying the project for which they claim to stand. If they fail, the road ahead will only become more perilous
Zoran Janković

Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana

Respect Pre-Election Pledges

As the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković has almost as much financial power in his hands as the prime minister of Slovenia, but he gives priority to the local level of government, where there is less political trading, people are more trusted than parties and it’s easier to learn that one should always listen carefully to others
Estanislao Angel Zawels

H.E. Estanislao Angel Zawels, Ambassador of Argentina to Serbia

Global Village Must Rely on International Law

Argentina and Serbia share their view of one of the most important principles – that of territorial integrity. Argentina has been preserving this principle since 1833, and at the UN since its formation. This principle is enshrined in Article 2 of the UN Charter – Ambassador Estanislao Angel Zawels
International Cuisine Dinner at the White Palace

Gastrodiplomacy – Soft Power With Good Flavour

Many countries have utilised food as a soft-power instrument for boosting their public image. Over the past two decades, there has been an increasing amount of dialogue on the role of food in not only establishing relations between cultures and nations but as part of the foundation of cultures and national identity
Focus: The EU Parliament election impact on the Western Balkans and Serbia in particular

Focus: The EU Parliament election impact on the Western Balkans and Serbia in particular

The Die is Cast, But the Answer is a Haze

No one is at ease with the outcome of May’s European Parliament elections. It seems obvious that existing political structures are to be dissolved and new political alliances forged, yet the extent to which the outcome will change how the EU functions is unclear, as is whether the Western Balkan enlargement process will remain firmly on the agenda
Aleksandar Miljković

Aleksandar Miljković, Head of Asset Management, MPC Properties

No Compromise on Quality

MPC Properties is one of the most experienced local real estate development companies, with its properties satisfying the highest European standards and shifting boundaries. They plan new investments carefully, awaiting the moment when they will coincide with the needs of the market
Richard Branson

By Richard Branson

How To Build A Business?

“When building a business, it’s important to do your research and to have a good overview of your plans, but first-hand experience is also really important,” according to Richard Branson
Enzo Neri

Enzo Neri, Master Chef at Mudra Restaurant, Hotel Huma, Kotor Bay

Passion is the Key to Every Success

Enzo Neri has worked at Manhattan’s most famous restaurants, created bespoke menus and opened numerous restaurants from Norway to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan to Kenya. Now he has arrived in Montenegro, as the head chef at the Mudra restaurant of Hotel HUMA Kotor Bay, and it is thanks to his passion and experience that Mudra is set to become the Mediterranean’s best restaurant
Gustav Magnar Witzøe

Gustav Magnar Witzøe

The Youngest Norwegian Billionaire

Gustav Magnar Witzoe is the third-youngest billionaire on Earth at the age of 25, according to Pollytoo’s 2018 ranking, but that’s only part of what makes the Norwegian fish scion so fascinating. Also according to the latest reports of Pollytoo & Wikipedia, Gustav Magnar Witzoe Estimated Net Worth is $3.2 billion which is a direct result of his family’s salmon empire
Dr Sanja Popović Pantić

Dr Sanja Popović Pantić, Economist, President of the Association of Business Women in Serbia

Business Women Invest in Knowledge

I belong to generation “X”. I always had a lot of belief in books, but I also, luckily, had an even greater need to check out everything in practise. Thus, this generation had a unique and, hopefully, never to be repeated “chance” to find – in the midst of the greatest inflation in world history and an environment at war – a decent job and to work “in their vocation”. During times when real values were devalued, I realised it was best to invest in knowledge

Vietnam Contemporary Art

Individual Vision of Tradition

Vietnamese art reflects a mixture of influences: Vietnamese traditional art, influences from China and influence from the French during the colonial period. Just over a decade ago Vietnam opened up to the world. The international art market started to see the talents of Vietnamese artists and the variety of styles in Vietnamese paintings. Demand for Vietnamese art is increasing rapidly, especially in France and other countries in Europe

Dimitrije Vasiljević, Jazz Composer and Pianist

Jazz is a Personal Stamp

After 12 years, Serbian artist Dimitrije Vasiljević (born 1985) held two exceptional concerts in Serbia with his New York Quartet (18th May, within the...
Fashion Summer 2019


Summer in the City

Sandals are often an afterthought because of their association with summer holiday leisurewear. They’re an item that is more about convenience, relaxation and comfort...
China Weifang International Kites Festival


Weifang International Kites Festival

The Weifang International Kites Festival is an annual event held in Weifang, in East China’s Shandong Province. The night before the festival started, there was...