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Nebojša Katić, Economist

Comment by Nebojša Katić, Economist

Brexit No (Good) Exit

When the UK formally initiated the process of leaving the EU by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty two years ago, the British government promised the UK would leave the EU on 29th March 2019, with a new trade agreement combining the best of all worlds
Vladimir Kostić President of the Serbian Academy of Science and the Arts, SASA

Vladimir Kostić Ph.d. President of the Serbian Academy of Science and the Arts, SASA

Preserving Identity is Investing in Freedom

This time and its communication technologies are not favourable to small nations. Moreover, the seemingly unobtrusively drawn stance that we are closer to the shores of some global civilisation and cultural course, and that we’ll receive everything we need when we get there - is only enough for us to forget what has been and what we were. Blissful ignorance of the future! Although these words of mine will probably be understood as the mystification of identity, I consider its preservation as a prerequisite, a kind of deposit for free, straight and creative communication with the world - Vladimir Kostić
Chen Bo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Serbia

H.E. Chen Bo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Serbia

Solid Steel Friendship

“Following the HBIS Group’s purchase of the steelworks and a number of reforms to production and management processes, the Smederevo Steelworks has become Serbia’s largest exporter and an employer of 5,000 workers. The problem of the quota [for the EU] represents a major challenge for the steelworks and has a negative impact on its work. We expect the quota problem to be resolved as soon as possible, in order to prevent it from having a negative impact on the healthy development of the steelworks” - Ambassador Chen Bo
James Ker-Lindsay Analyst, Visiting Professor at LSEE

James Ker-Lindsay, Analyst, Visiting Professor at LSE

The Importance of Not Representing a Precedent

I believe that it would be very dangerous to open discussions on the territorial integrity of Bosnia- Herzegovina or North Macedonia. However, I don’t believe that such debates are a necessary consequence of any agreement between Serbia and Kosovo. What is agreed between two sovereign states is not a precedent for others – James Ker-Lindsay
FinTech: Hottest Trends For 2017


Do We Need a New Law to Determine the Origins of...

In a society where there is a belief that there are “selected taxpayers” with whom there is a discrepancy between reported revenues and acquired assets, there is a justified need for such cases to be investigated. The choice of the way we will do this tells us a lot about the social values we want to promote
International Women’s Club Belgrade

International Women’s Club Belgrade

Honour, Job & Responsibility

The life of a diplomatic spouse is anything but conventional. The spouse of diplomats must juggle a unique combination of family life, professional commitments, education, responsibilities and travel

Statement by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe

The New Japanese Era Name is “Reiwa”

This was taken from wording appearing in the Manyoshu: “In this auspicious month of early spring, the weather is fine and the wind gentle. The plum blossoms open like powder before a mirror while the orchids give off the sweet scent of a sachet.” Moreover, this name “Reiwa” includes the meaning of culture coming into being and flourishing when people bring their hearts and minds together in a beautiful manner
Banking Concerns-Over-European-Bank-Earnings-main


Concerns Over European Banks Earnings

Several analysts have raised concerns over earnings this quarter due to external risks such as low economic growth, uncertainty over U.S.-China trade deal, Brexit and a U-turn on major central bank policy towards more easing
Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Simple Tricks – The Best Way for a Successful Business

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist. One of the world’s wealthiest people, Richard Branson is worth an estimated $4.9 billion. This serial entrepreneur has built up eight billion-dollar companies and continues to innovate wherever possible
Vesna Todorčević

Vesna Todorčević, PhD, Associate Research Professor at the SASA Mathematical Institute; Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty Of Organisational Sciences

Maths and the Beauty of the World

I’ve toured the world thanks to mathematics. Congresses and conferences in distant lands freed me of my old self, my authenticity flourished, returning me like winds and waves to my children and the people I love

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Storytelling Pictures

Australian Aboriginal Art has been identified as the most exciting contemporary art form of the 20th Century
Bojana Nikitovic Costume designer

Bojana Nikitović, Costume designer

I Don’t Have Complexes About Being from Serbia

She’s the most successful woman from this region in the film world. She was the first associate to costume designer Milena Canonero when she won the 2007 Oscar for Best Costume Design for the Sofia Copolla’s film Marie Antoinette. She has long since operated as an independent costume designer for numerous top-class film productions. Apart from all of that, she also works in the theatre, which is her first and greatest love, and four Sterija Prizes merely serve to prove that she also does so very successfully


Hats Define Style

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you may think. Is a hat an accessory or clothing?

13th CorD Charity Masters at the Belgrade Marathon

This April, for 13 years in a row, CorD Magazine organised CorD Charity Masters, the first humanitarian race held in cooperation with the Belgrade...