CorD 169

Investments in People Guarantee Success

We need to work together to enhance the skills of our citizens of all ages and backgrounds. The region needs well-trained workers with the...

We Can Do Better

What it is crucial is to ensure is the realisation of all rights guaranteed by the existing national and international legal framework for the...

Joyless Bosnia

The recent elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina provided new confirmation that there can be no inter-ethnic cooperation and multiculturalism while three constituent nations lead political parties...

We Meet Challenges by Finding New Business Opportunities

In an op ed H.E. Orla O Hanrahan, ambassador of Ireland discuss how the country is preparing for Brexit, speaks about the Irish approach...

Focus: Let the Right One In

Business, as usual, is not an option for Serbia and the Western Balkans, which is why the new industrial policy should be sector-specific and rely on new policy measures

Imagining on a Given Topic

"I primarily like to deal with historical themes in which we have to reconstruct places and times that no longer exist and are far behind us"

Japan’s Corporate Enfant Terrible

Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese billionaire. According to Forbes, his net worth is approximately $2.9 billion as of September 2018. Most of his net...

The Promoter

Placido Domingo, Sting, Jose Carreras, Nick Cave, Nigel Kennedy, Tom Jones, BB King, Chick Korea, Paco de Lucia, Ray Charles, James Brown, Julio Iglesias, Leonard Cohen, Alicia Keys, Bryan Ferry, Joe Cocker… these are just some of the hundreds of foreign and local artists that I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of promoting in Belgrade during past decades working as the head of the Sava Centre concert agency and director of the Belgrade Arena

Serbia – Land of Creativity and Innovation

The Creative Industries Council was established to providing the creative industries and creative artists with the systemic support of the state, and to provide a framework for sustainable growth

Diversity Makes Our School Culturally Rich

Students nowadays have immediate access to information at their fingertips and can find facts with the push of a button. Our job as educators...

Vibrant, Inclusive & Sustainable Year-Round Resort Town

Luštica Bay is a unique project, not only in the context of Montenegro, but throughout the entire Mediterranean. We are the only greenfield project in Montenegro

Three-Century-Long Tradition

With a tradition dating back three centuries, Apatin Brewery is the oldest working brewery in the region. Since being established as the Imperial Brewery, it has gone on to become one of the leaders of the Serbian market. Assessing the beer market in Serbia and the region for this issue of CorD is Apatin Brewery’s managing director, Vladimir Novaković

Best in Europe and Third in the World

We have developed an effective system which, apart from providing a free zone regime with customs and tax breaks, eases our users’ operations through a unified set of services

Safe Roads Made to EU Standards

For a full 56 years already, company Putevi d.o.o. Ivanjica has been building, reconstructing and maintaining roads on the territory of Ivanjica and surrounding municipalities. It is Serbia’s only manufacturer of safety and sound barriers under license from DELTABLOC International GmbH – the world’s leading producer of traffic safety systems, which operates in over 55 countries worldwide, from almost all European countries, to Africa, Australia and Latin America

Modern-Day Conquest of the Contemporary Art World

It does not come as a surprise to anyone that Spain has an extraordinary art heritage, with masters such as Diego Velazquez and Francisco...

Despite the Wind & Rain

If the late Autumn sometimes gets you down with its gloomy weather and spoils your good mood, do something nice for yourself - improving...