CorD 166

Pragmatic Dialogue Instead of Aggressive Tone

The refusal to hold any dialogue with Russia cannot possibly be a solution to a crisis. Despite the ongoing tension in the EU-Russia relations and the mutually imposed sanctions, Russia has reaffirmed itself as Europe’s traditional partner in the sectors of energy, the economy, tourism and the fight against terrorism. The leading EU member states have defended their economic interests in Russia, and I see no reason why this should not be valid for Bulgaria as well – Rumen Radev, President of Bulgaria

Closing Chapters More Important Then Opening

The Negotiating Framework clearly states the accession negotiations are determined by progress on the rule of law and fundamental rights chapters, as well as the normalization of Serbia’s relations with Kosovo. The rule of law is not just a condition on paper, but an essential requirement to be able to implement reforms across the board – Hendrik Gerrit Cornelius van den Dool

Champions Don’t Just Disappear

“He can’t come back,” I’m told philosophically by a British fellow journalist, unprovoked, while I peacefully drank my coffee a day before the start...

Legacy Over Creativity

A respected and recognised geneticist, a pioneer in many scientific disciplines, including the isolation, growth and differentiation of stem cells, he studied in both Belgrade and Germany and achieved great scientific achievements in the UK and Spain. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have offspring of his own, but with his knowledge he has helped almost 800 babies get a start in life at the Special Hospital for the Treatment of Sterility in Leskovac, which has led to this institution becoming very prominent and significant in the world

Keep Eyes Open To Possibilities

When the UN Secretary-General appointed me to lead the UN Office in Belgrade – which is empowered by him to politically support the countries of the region in their efforts towards improving regional cooperation and enhancing peace and stability – I didn’t know what to expect.

Stuart Weitzman Shoe Brand: Creating A Multi-Million Dollar Brand

The Stuart Weitzman shoe brand is associated with some of today’s most famous pop stars, actresses, and celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Kate Middleton,...

Precious Archaeological and Artistic Heritage

“We have defined the basics of the permanent exhibition, which means that it is not set in stone but flexible, and now we need...

High Ambitions Supported By Quality Products

The mission of Neoplanta is to utilise innovative products of superior quality, constant development and responsible operations to make every day more delicious, and to become one of the region’s leaders in food production

Tradition Nurtured With Love

How an old recipe led to the creation of a top product – KRUNSKA rakija brandy. The Damjanović family tradition of distilling this brandy dates back over a century