CorD 165

July 2018 Issue

Goran Milić Journalist

Goran Milić, Journalist

Man Without An Ideology

A Croat by birth, for many years he defined himself as a Yugoslav. Once famous for being a television news reporter for both Serbian and Croatian national television stations, for the last few years he’s been an irreplaceable feature of the Balkan edition of Qatar-based TV company Al Jazeera. He interviewed both Jimmy Carter and Tito, highly appreciated Alija Izetbegović, reported from the United Nations and has toured the planet. Today he is doing a major TV series in which he seeks an answer to the question: did the people of the former Yugoslavia live better while the SFRY existed or in their own countries today?
Axel Dittmann Ambassador of Germany to Serbia

H.E. Axel Dittmann, Ambassador of Germany to Serbia

Time For Comprehensive Agreement

Serbia has agreed, though the Brussels Agreement, to work on a solution for Kosovo, i.e. the full normalisation of relations in the form of a legally-binding agreement. In our view, this should cover all aspects of interaction, also within international organisations including the UN. We believe that the time has now come to try to reach such a comprehensive agreement - Axel Dittmann
Benjamin Schmid

Benjamin Schmid, Violinist

Life Is MoreImportant Than A Career

One of the most versatile contemporary violinists, Benjamin Schmid, speaks exclusively to CorD about his life, which he says is “more important than a career”. A particular strength of his can be found in his exceptionally broad repertoire and very personal style. At the core of his career are works by Austrian composers like Berg, Goldmark, Korngold, Kreisler, Mozart, Muthspiel, Schoenberg and Webern
Ana Anđelić Rebecca Minkoff

Ana Anđelić, Chief Brand Officer Of Rebecca Minkoff, Strategist & Doctor Of Sociology

Capturing The Zeitgeist Through Product & Network Design

Ana Anđelić is a strategist, writer and doctor of sociology who has amassed experience working for the world’s top advertising agencies and brands, like Tom Ford, Belvedere, Sergio Rossi, Moet Hennessy, Sotheby’s and Tag Heuer, in the United States, Europe and Asia
Joseph E. Stiglitz Project Syndicate

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Project Syndicate

Can the Euro Be Saved?

Across the eurozone, political leaders are entering a state of paralysis: citizens want to remain in the EU, but they also want an end to austerity and the return of prosperity. So long as Germany tells them they can’t have both, there can be only one outcome: more pain, more suffering, more unemployment, and even slower growth
Kemal Dervis Former Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey

Kemal Dervis, Former Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey

Toward a More Democratic Europe?

The rise of extreme populism in Europe is coming at the expense of traditional centre-right and centre-left parties and putting the European Union at risk. But the populist threat could induce a restructuring of European politics that ultimately bolsters the EU’s legitimacy
Branko Stevanović, Plant Manager MODINE, Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Branko Stevanović, Plant Manager MODINE, Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Products for the World’s Markets

Modine is an American company that has factories worldwide and deals with the production of thermal systems and components for heating and cooling systems. Present in Serbia for just over a year and a half, the company already launched the construction and expansion of its production area by an additional 50%

Norwegian Contemporary Art

High Ambition Connected with Quality

Norway’s art scene boomed in the 19th century with the introduction of landscape artists such as Johan Christian Dahl and Johannes Flintoe. Since then, it has seen an increase in local Impressionist, Realist, and Modernist artists, after a long history of importing rather than creating artworks. Today, Norway is proud to have bred many internationally recognised artists, from printmakers to sculptors to jewellers


Cute Summer Ideas For Your Good Look

With each new season comes a new batch of hues that absolutely take over the fashion world, and cute Summer ideas for your silhouette are this time lovelier than ever
Raymond Rawlings Entrepreneurship


The Craziest Plan That Worked

In the six years since ‘Fast N’ Loud’ first aired, Richard Rawlings has turned Gas Monkey into a multi-million-dollar brand

Sandra Marinković, Merck Sharpe & Dohme

We Are Bringing New Hope For Cancer Patients

Merck Sharpe & Dohme is an innovative global leader in the health sector that is dedicated to improving health and well-being of people around the world via innovative medicines, vaccines and biological therapies