Communications 2017

Nadav Avidan, Global PR Lead At Viber

Vibrant Start-Up Connecting Over 800 Million People

With the growing trend of messaging, can start-ups help us be ourselves when we communicate, and build bridges? This is the story of Viber's journey and the challenges of connecting hundreds of millions in a rapidly changing environment. It is also the story of the man who tells it

Kathy Christodoulou, Chief Marketing Officer, Action Global Communications

Combining International And Local Networks

Over more than two decades, being the first international PR firm in Serbia, Action Global Communications has built a unique, far-reaching communications network, with its own offices in over 40 countries across three continents

Scott E. Fahlman

From Emoticons To The Future Of Communication

Inventor of the emoticon, Research Professor at the Language Technologies Institute and Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Jasna Dugalić, Account Director, Direct Media

Regional Motor for the Development of Communication

The past fifteen years have been marked by the maturing of the marketing industry in the region in every sense, first and foremost through the entry into the market of large foreign corporations and the business principles that they have implemented, which have consequentially resulted in the modernisation of the work of the media and agencies

Dejan Ranđić, General Manager of DNA Communications

Crisis Is No Longer An Excuse

Consumer habits have been changing, and with them – ways to reach consumers. The difference is in new dedication to communication...

Milena Avramović-Bjelica, Co-founder and Executive Director, Chapter 4 Communications Consulting

In Step With World Trends

Chapter 4 Communications Consulting Group is the exclusive representative for Central and Eastern Europe of Burson-Marsteller (BM), the world’s leading PR and communications network, with which Chapter 4 cooperates on a daily basis, through quick and timely exchanges of knowledge and experience, but also through participation in individual studies implemented by BM

Nevena Kurtović, MD at Fusion Communications

Creative Content Forms the Basis of Good Communication

Good and creative ideas that extend beyond the borders of the obvious always find their way, regardless of the limitations of the market. All those who work qualitatively will remain on this scene

Tijana Škorić Tomić, Executive Director, I&F McCann Grupa

Focusing On Quality, Best People And Pushing Boundaries

I&F McCann Grupa Executive Director, Tijana Škorić Tomić, is at the head of a team which is celebrating an important jubilee this year. More than 600 employees in 12 markets will celebrate its 20th anniversary

Grayling Presenting Seven Communications Trends for 2017

Grayling, a global PR consulting agency, presented the seven communication trends for this year, dubbing them #7for17

Marina Grihović, Director of Headline

The Client is Our Friend – We are Their Support

Headline was launched nine years ago as a PR agency offering a wide range of services in the field of communications. Thanks to a good team of people, Headline offers expertise in the fields of media, communications with the business and influential public, and corporate and crisis communication

Suzana Miličić, Director of Kontakta PR & Media Consulting

Everyone Has Their Own Version of the Truth

What kind of users, consumers and voters will we encounter this year? With those who are exposed to a vast amount of information that they receive via numerous channels of communication, whose attention is dispersed, and who are often their own form of media, creating their own versions of the truth. The road to reach them will be ever more complicated; we have to constantly monitor them and predict what will be the next thing to have an impact on them

Miro Antić, Partner and Co-Founder of M2 Communications

Experience As One Of The Key Elements Of Marketing Communications

Being present, establishing direct contact and developing emotions have become key factor in a world in which almost everything is online, instant, and virtual. Technology helps in a lot of things, but we forget that individuals isolate themselves in the online world. It is necessary to establish a direct connection and offer something more – emotional, tangible, real

Branka Conić, PR Agency Director, New Moment New Ideas

Nothing Is Created Unless It Is First Dreamt!

Agency New Moment conquered the regional market long ago and is now operating, without much fanfare, on the global market. After the United States and Canada, New Moment’s creatives have since last year been slowly emerging on India’s huge market

Dragan Radić, founder of Ninamedia

Trustworthy Partner

For more than a decade and a half, the content distributed by Ninamedia has been indispensible morning information, not only for marketing experts, but also for business leaders

Marko Pešić, Executive Director at Ovation BBDO

Ovation BBDO – Helping Brands Stay in Shape

Further market integration of several major global brands might set new industry standards and challenge market players. The advertising industry will have to respond to these challenges

Aleksa Čokić - Account Director at Red Communication

Harmony of Diversity

Good interpersonal relationships are the key to the success of agency Red Communication, which is comprised of different people who compose a perfect entity

Natalija Racković, Director of V+O Communication

Dedicated to New Trends

V+O Communication is a leading consulting company in the field of communications in Southeast Europe, with offices in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Cyprus. They are also present in Brussels, which is a centre of strategic importance for all EU issues, as well as Nigeria, which has one of the world’s fastest growing economies