Communications 2020

Tamara Daltroff, EACA Director General

Tamara Daltroff, EACA Director-General

Complex Challenges & Exciting Future of Advertising

With increasingly complex systems to navigate through, there are many challenges facing the advertising industry today. It is hard to balance between multiple goals...
Tomica Orešković, Lokomotiva

Tomica Orešković, CEO Lokomotiva

Digital Transformation 2.0

A few words about digital transformation; or, more specifically, about digital transformation 2.0.
Branislava Cagronov, Regional MD UM

Branislava Cagronov, Regional MD UM

Innovation & Partnership

HOW CLIENTS AND AGENCIES ARE COOPERATE TODAY WHEN IT COMES TO THE MEDIA? At a time when our business has become very dynamic, which...
Marina Grihović, Founder and Director of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline and Digital Communications Agency DKIT

Marina Grihović, Founder and Director of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline and Digital Communications Agency DKIT

Plan For 2020: Be Better

Headline remains today what it was at the start - a small, high-quality agency that's fully dedicated to employees and clients and works on large projects
Ljubica Vukčević

Ljubica Vukčević, Head of Research & Insight at Direct Media United Solutions

We Always Track Changes In The Media

The media is changing, and the time spent using the media is extending. This was also shown by the statistics of company Nielsen for the second quarter of 2019, in which users spent 11 hours and 45 minutes per day interacting with the media – television, TV-connected devices, radios, computers, smartphones and tablets – which represents an additional hour and 21 minutes of media exposure across all platforms compared to the second quarter of 2018
Mirjana Višnjić We Media Agency

Mirjana Višnjić, General Manager, We Media Agency D.o.o.

We Are Able to Play

I think we are in one of the most beautiful businesses that exist, primarily because it is based on our imagination. We are able to "play" with our clients' expensive products and imagine what we could do to make them better. WE Media Agency's team "plays" every day with one of the most expensive products, because we have fallen in love with PR and marketing in real estate, and for the most part, we operate in that field. So, basically, every day we "play" with real estate
Tamara Bekčić and Milena Avramović,

Tamara Bekčić, General Director and Milena Avramović, Executive Director, Co-founders of Agency Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Jubilee: Quality Wins Clients

PR agency network of 10 Chapter 4offices in 10 countries, along with a large number of partners across the CEE region, is preparing the10th birthday celebration. This jubilee will be used to upgrade agency strengths, cooperation with clients, and further market positioning in a strategic and creative sense
Nevena Kurtović Fusion Communications

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

We Love This Industry

Integrated communications agency Fusion Communications is the author of the most award-winning campaigns. Comprehensive communication strategies are the basis for their services – PR, experiential marketing and social media marketing
Aleksandra Kožul Novaston

Aleksandra Kožul, Communications Director, External, Internal and Digital, at Novaston

Shoppers Want To Stop & Shop

Novaston, as an independent real estate platform, is changing the known concept of retail parks to suit the needs of the domestic market – shoppers in Serbia actually want a place where they can spend quality time with quality and affordable shopping
Hemofarm Sanda Savić

Sanda Savić, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications at Hemofarm

Success is Unlocked By Words & Confirmed By Images

Hemofarm is a regional leader in the pharmaceutical industry, with record volumes of production, a record number of products and record sales, but it is also a leader in the field of sustainable development, corporate responsibility and both external and internal communication


Adding New Dimensions to a Strong Brand

Danfoss launched a bold global campaign in 2019, opening a new chapter with 'Danfoss - Engineering Tomorrow', a brand that communicates Danfoss’s role in building a better future, focusing on mega trends and sustainability. And not just that
Marina Savić Atlantic Grupa

Marina Savić, Head of Corporate Communications for Serbia and Macedonia at Atlantic Grupa

New Channels, New Possibilities

Large companies like the Atlantic Grupa, should use their good practices to be generators of change, thereby encouraging prosperity and building a society that's more just as a whole. That's how it used to be, while it was Soko Štark, and as it is today
Advertout The Dream Factory


The Dream Factory

Our mission is to offer clients imaginative and striking inflatable products, which invite consumers on interaction at promotions, are easily remembered and recounted for a long time
Polaris communications 2020


If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

The first econometric models for measuring the total marketing effectiveness marked our first year of operation…
Jelena Bauder Bauder Medical

Jelena Bauder, Director, Bauder Medical D.o.o. (Ltd.)

Medscape.rs is the Best Platform

Bauder Medical, a company that has a narrow specialisation in the organisation of expert gatherings, conferences, symposia and congresses in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, emerged due to the need for clients to receive a complete service in one place, after which the Bauder Medical Health and Beauty Clinic was opened
Communications 2020

Communications 2020