Chinese Products Fair 2018 – Zhejiang Export Fair 24 to 26...

From 24-26 May, at the Belmax Center in Belgrade, a "Chinese Products Fair" will be held.

Chinese Homemade Airbus A320 Passenger Jet

The homemade Airbus A320 jet plane made by Chinese farmer Zhu Yue is being built at an open space in Kaiyuan city, northeast China’s Liaoning province

Xi Jinping Re-Elected As China’s President

Xi Jinping was reappointed as China’s president with no limit on the number of terms he can serve. The National People’s Congress, also appointed close Xi ally Wang Qishan to the formerly ceremonial post of vice president.


Lasting Impressions 2017

There were plenty of events in 2017 to raise the eyebrows or cause the heart to skip a beat

Wang Yanmin, President Of Huawei Device, CEE And Nordic

Understanding Our Consumers’ Needs

The region of Central and Eastern Europe is developing very rapidly and our key focus is on having a major contribution to this development. We understand how important Serbia is for our development and want to nourish this connection

Melania Trump In Floral Fashion Diplomacy

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump made several floral sartorial nods to her host country on the American presidential couple’s trip to China, culminating in an opulent Chinese-style embroidered qipao by Gucci for a state dinner.

The World’s Most Powerful Man

American presidents have a habit of describing their Chinese counterparts in terms of awe

China Marks 68th Founding Anniversary

68th anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China


Have You Ever Heard Of HNA Group? Here’s Why You Will!

On a warm summer night in Paris, hundreds of executives, bankers, diplomats, and French officials walk the red carpet snaking up the steps of the Petit Palais museum - a sumptuous Beaux Arts building in the heart of the French capital, with sculptures and paintings set around a manicured garden.
“BRICS Plus” New Phase In The Evolution Of BRICS

“BRICS Plus” New Phase In The Evolution Of BRICS

More than a decade after its establishment, BRICS, grouping five major developing countries from four continents, is recognized by international experts as an irreplaceable force in global governance

China’s First Domestically Built Passenger Plane

The narrow-body, twin-engine C919 successfully took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 2pm local time (7am BST) amid much fanfare.

2017 Zhejiang Export Fair

Biggest fair of Chinese manufacturers in Belgrade

Serbian Chamber Of Commerce Opens Offices In China

Offices in Beijing and Shanghai opened in the presence of the President of Serbian Chamber of Commerce Marko Čadež

China To Build Floating Nuclear Power Plants

China is planning to build around 20 floating nuclear power stations to provide a stable power source for its offshore oil and gas projects, as well as residents in disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Bank Of China Opens Branch In Serbia

First branch office in Serbia

H.E. Li Manchang, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Serbia

Serbia Joins The New Silk Road

Ambassador Manchang says that an increasing number of Chinese companies are expressing an interest in doing business in Serbia. An ideal opportunity to see what they offer is for example the industrial park in Borča, for which preliminary designs are being prepared.

China Launches Manned Mission To Test Space Station

Two Chinese astronauts lifted off for the longest manned mission in the history of China’s space program - a full month.

Teachers’ Day In China

Teachers’ Day recognizes the important work of China’s educators. It’s an opportunity for Chinese schoolchildren to express a meaningful gesture of gratitude to their teachers.