Chapter 4

Communications Consulting Agency

Tamara Bekčić, Director and Co-founder of Agency Chapter 4 in Serbia

International Award as the Additional Incentive

The success we've achieved is based on the effort of every team member and the trust we've built up with our clients, both of which we are particularly proud. We're satisfied with what we have achieved, but we're striving for even better results

Milena Avramović-Bjelica, Co-founder and Executive Director, Chapter 4 Communications Consulting

In Step With World Trends

Chapter 4 Communications Consulting Group is the exclusive representative for Central and Eastern Europe of Burson-Marsteller (BM), the world’s leading PR and communications network, with which Chapter 4 cooperates on a daily basis, through quick and timely exchanges of knowledge and experience, but also through participation in individual studies implemented by BM

Milena Avramović-Bjelica, Executive Director, Chapter 4 Communications Consulting

Extremely Exciting Communication in 2016

It becomes increasingly difficult year after year to predict the trends and what awaits us in the year ahead. The reason for this lies primarily in the rapid development of technology that results in changes in how businesses operate, as well impacting on the evolution of our industry – public relations