Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Future of Serbia Integrated Permits Program For Farms And Industries

Sweden is the most significant donor to Serbia in the field of environmental protection, and total support for development assistance in 2018 is about 10 million euros

Towards The EU And A Healthy Environment

The final conference Towards the EU and a healthy environment - What are the conditions for eco-financing in local communities was held in Belgrade,...

Arūnas Kundrotas, Team Leader Of “ENVAP3” - Swedish Support Project For The Negotiating Group For Chapter 27, Former Lithuanian Environment Minister:

Serbia Is Intensifying Steps Towards The Target

Serbia took on the internal obligation to complete transposition by 2018. This means that less than two years remain until the end of the period, making this a very ambitious task

Chapter 27 In Serbia: Still Under Preparation

26.1.2017The report represents an independent critical review of many challenges and provides tangible proposals to the Government of the Republic of Serbia

Sweden Donates To Serbia €3m ln For EU Negotiations

The Government of the Kingdom of Sweden donates €3 million to the Government of Serbia for implementation of the program "Preparing for the negotiations in the process of accession of Serbia to the European Union in the field of environmental protection - ENVAP 3"

Arunas Kundrotas, Former Environment Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, Director of UAB Axante:

Better Preparation, Shorter Negotiations

If Serbia wants to tackle the “environmental” Chapter 27 successfully, it has to develop its position and prepare for negotiations before they officially start. The process demands strong institutional capacities, careful funding, and responsibility toward citizens