Carlsberg Serbia donates 5 million rsd to healthcare institutions

Carlsberg Serbia has donated five million dinars to some of Serbia's leading healthcare institutions to help curb the COVID-19 epidemic Clinical Hospital Centers "Zvezdara" and...

Carlsberg donates $ 13.8 million to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

To help combat the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, three Carlsberg foundations have donated around $ 13.8 million (95 million Danish kroner), most...

For A Better Quality Life

Caring for the community in which it operates is one of the priorities of Carlsberg as a company, which is testified to by the...

Carlsberg Serbia donates to the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad

In order to improve educational and scientific work of the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, Carlsberg Serbia has donated a mini brewery, which...

Carlsberg Serbia marked Global Beer Responsibility Day

Carlsberg Serbia marks another Global Beer Responsibility Day with several activities to remind their employees, and their customers, to responsibly enjoy alcoholic beverages. Motor vehicles...

Campaign launched to save eastern imperial eagles in Serbia

Minister of Environmental Protection of Serbia, Goran Trivan, said that the campaign to save eastern imperial eagles in Serbia was intended to spread awareness...

Results of The Sepen’s Study On Packaging Waste

The existing system in Serbia requires additional investments and an increase of the waste disposal fee, as well as the strengthening of the packaging...

Carlsberg launches production of Zrenjanin beer

Mayor of Zrenjanin Čedomir Janjić and Carlsberg Serbia CEO Vladimir Vava presented a revival of one of the symbols of the city on Begej,...

Investing In The Future Has No Cost

At the Čelarevo Brewery, which forms part of the Carlsberg Group, one of the world’s leading producers of beer, 224 million euros has been invested to date. Some €4.5 million was invested in 2017 alone, while investments worth €6.5 million are planned for the current year

Two-Way Street

HR, on the one hand, as part of management structures, must primarily protect and represent the company's interests, while simultaneously managing human resources in the function of creating a team and also respecting the individuality of each employee. At Carlsberg, both of these goals are given equal importance and are implemented in parallel

Carlsberg And Dunđerski Awards 4th Generation of Scholarships

For the fourth year in a row, the Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation has chosen a new generation of scholars, students of the University of...

Lav Presents “Beer And Foam Maestro” Award

Competition was the final event after two months' training at the Draft Beer Academy involving 200 establishments organised by Carlsberg Serbia

Carlsberg Group: Together Towards Zero

Carlsberg will, by 2030, as part of an ambitious programme of sustainability, reduce emissions of harmful gases at its breweries to zero

The Market Believes In Our Brands

Upon his arrival at Carlsberg Srbija Group, Vladimir Vava set the goal for himself and his team of recovering and further developing Carlsberg’s operations in the region, by rebuilding the trust of customers, consumers & shoppers in the company’s well-known brands

Carlsberg Serbia marks 125 years since the founding of Čelarevo Brewery

Carlsberg Serbia marks 125 years since the founding of Čelarevo Brewery

First 125 Years Of Carlsberg

The company has so far invested around €220 million in the brewery in Čelarevo

Vladimir Vava

Vladimir Vava has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer of Carlsberg Serbia Group, which encompasses operations in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Vladimir took...

Carlsberg Srbija Hosts High – Level Meeting

Marking of Bačka Palanka Liberation Day

Tradition – Basis For The Future

Carlsberg bases its business worldwide on standards related to concrete operations, primarily in the field of responsible communication, business ethics, investment and the community, respect for human and labour rights and, of course, efficiency of operations

Ana Milićević Vukoje

Ana Milićević Vukoje is the new Marketing and Communications Director of Carlsberg Serbia. Ms Milićević Vukoje has worked for the company since 2011 as international brands...

Beer Fest Held With Best Man Jezda & Lav Popcorn

The biggest beer event in our country, Beer Fest, opened its doors to all lovers of beer and good music, while at the opening...

LAV Awards Its Loyal Consumers

Apart from the new taste, originating from 4 gifts of nature, LAV has prepared a special surprise for its loyal consumers. In June (18th,...

LAV Awards Its Loyal Consumers

Apart from the new taste, originating from 4 gifts of nature, LAV has prepared a special surprise for its loyal consumers. In June, LAV...

Key to Success – Constantly Caring About Employees

The foundation of the HR management strategy in Carlsberg relies on continuously caring about the company's employees, both as a group and as individuals, ensuring that the staff is happy with their work environment, in which their private lives and work compliment each other

Investing in Youth Leads to a Healthy Society

Corporate social responsibility at Carlsberg is defined at the global level and transferred to the local governments in the areas where Carlsberg has its...

Carlsberg Presents its New Lav Product

Carlsberg’s most famous beer on the Serbian market, LAV, is now produced exclusively from four gifts of nature: barley, water, hops and yeast, without...

Carlsberg Research Lab Rebrews The Father of Quality Lager Beers

Using sophisticated techniques, Carlsberg Research Laboratory has rebrewed the world’s very first quality lager, with the original pure yeast which revolutionized the world’s beer...

A Strong Portfolio is Our Ace

A variety of high end and affordable types of beers, constant upgrading of the offer and rising exports are helping Carlsberg post good results and navigate its way through a declining Serbian beer market

Andrej Beslać

Andrej Beslać graduated from Hawaii Pacific University (BBA) in the U.S., before completing his Master's degree at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris,...