Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Miroslav Lajčák, Slovakian Foreign Minister:

If We Differ, We Differ For Good

We see our EU membership as the completion of the political and economic success story of the modern Slovakia, and there is no better alternative for us than a functioning, strong and successful European Union. But unity does not mean uniformity, and we freely express our views, whether it comes to migration or enlargement policies

Sir Suma Chakrabarti, EBRD President:

We Have Great Expectations Of Serbia

Serbia is very important to the EBRD and to me, as President. I believe it is one of our benchmark relationships. Provided that reforms continue, I believe there is potential to increase EBRD investments in Serbia and to make it one of our top five investment destinations

Johann Schneider-Ammann, President Of The Swiss Confederation:

Peace and Development – The Best Cure For Terrorism

Every European country, including Switzerland, realises just how fragile the values that we all share and cherish are, such as peace, democracy, freedom and stability. At the same time, we should not allow ourselves to fall into a state of anxiety, not only because fear is a bad advisor, but also because the terrorists’ goal is precisely to cause terror and weaken our confidence, says Johann Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss Confederation

The Brexit Transition:

What’s On The Negotiating Table?

By Michael Dougan

British Prime Minister Theresa May formally requested a transitional deal with the European Union after Brexit during her speech in Florence in September 2017. However, it was only after EU leaders agreed to move on to the next stage of the negotiations in December, that the path was cleared for talks on the transition to begin in earnest


The Europeans WhoWill Lose Their Nationality

Several European countries still do not allow dual citizenship. If their citizens apply for a British passport ahead of Brexit, they will be forced to abandon their original nationality.
Adam Fagan

Adam Fagan Ph.D. Professor At Queen Mary University, London:

Brexit Could Make The EU Stronger

I am not convinced that the prospects for enlargement for countries that already have European perspectives or membership agreements are necessarily less likely. I don't think it is any worse for those countries today than it was before the referendum in the UK. The only way to make things worse is to let Euro-sceptics or nationalists, here in Serbia, use Brexit to discredit the EU

Brexit Caused Xenophobia Towards Swedes In UK?

Ann Linde, the Swedish minister for EU affairs and trade, said she was shocked by the uncertainty and xenophobia experienced by Swedes in the UK since the referendum.

Economic Conditions and Macroeconomic Situation 2016:

German Economy Should Continue to Grow

According to Deutsche Bundesbank’s monthly report for August 2016, the German economy grew at a slower pace in the second quarter of 2016. The Federal Statistical Office’s flash estimate, that real GDP in the second quarter rose by a seasonally and calendar- adjusted 0.4% on the quarter, after recording a steep 0.7% increase in the first quarter. However, the economy should continue to grow in the third quarter in line with the fairly robust underlying cyclical upthrust
H.E. Denis Keefe

H.E. Denis Keefe, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Serbia:

Leaving the EU, Not Europe

The stability of the Western Balkans region is important for global stability and the stability of Europe as a whole. We all share the task of making sure that the horrors of the 1990s never happen again, says UK Ambassador Denis Keefe
Morten Skovgaard Hansen

Morten Skovgaard Hansen, Head of Mission for the Embassy of Denmark in Belgrade:

Positive Economic Developments

Good bilateral relations between Serbia and Denmark are now further strengthened by increasing trade and the rising interest of Danish companies to invest in Serbia

Andre Markon, Predsednik Unije privrednih komora Francuske:

Ima prostora da mnogo više sarađujemo

Srbija je ekonomski centar regije Zapadnog Balkana i ta strateška pozicija joj otvara tržište od preko milijardu potrošača. Uz to proces integracije u Evropsku uniju i pristup fondovima za reformu i razvoj povoljni su uslovi za privlačenje francuskih investitora, pre svega u sektor energetike, zaštite životne sredine, auto-industrije i poljoprivrede
James Strong

Dr James Strong, Fellow in Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations at the LSE:

The Brexit Debate is Far From Over

Britain has voted for Brexit. What comes next is remarkably unclear. Four questions remain: whether to invoke Article 50, what mandate the Leave campaign possesses, what sort of exit deal Parliament will approve and what will happen if there is an early general election

By Guy Faulconbridge and Kate Holton Britain Votes to Leave EU

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, results from Thursday's referendum showed, a stunning repudiation of the nation's elites that deals the biggest blow to the European project of greater unity since World War Two