Bitef 2019

53rd Bitef

17-26 September 2019, Belgrade

BITEF Hosts 2nd Donor Dinner Party

The second donor dinner of the Bitef Festival was held at Hotel Square Nine, with the support of friends of the I&F McCann Group. The...
52nd Bitef Opens

52nd Bitef Opens

The 52nd Bitef was officially opened under the slogan "The World Without Men". Before the opening ceremony of the festival, in the foyer of the...
52nd BITEF

52nd BITEF

13-22 Sept. 2018
Ivan Medenica Bitef

Ivan Medenica, Bitef Artistic Director and Selector

Living in a Dangerous World

“The task of this year’s BITEF is to reconcile us with the fact that we are living in a troublingly dangerous world, to prompt us to ask whether and how theatre and art can counteract that, and to jolt us out of our aesthetic prejudices.”
Ivan Medenica Artistic Director Of BITEF

Ivan Medenica, Artistic Director Of BITEF

Is BITEF Returning To The World Scene?

“Opening Bitef with none other than the play Mount Olympus, which is currently one of the most famous in the world, truly reaffirms what Bitef is and its grandeur in every sense of the word.”
Bitef: Award Ceremony And Donors Evening 2017 Ivan Medenica

Bitef: Award Ceremony And Donors Evening

9 & 15.11.2017
Mira Trailović Grand Prix And 39th Politika Award Presented 2017

Mira Trailović Grand Prix And 39th Politika Award Presented

29.3.2017Double laureate was the play Hilarious darkness directed by Dušan David Pařízek
Ivan Medenica

Ivan Medenica, Artistic Director and Curator of the Bitef Festival

Meeting Point of World Cultures

BITEF Festival marks this year its 50th anniversary

Guy Weizman, Choreographer

Liberation Through Dance

Dance has always been the best kept secret for liberation. By liberating the body, the magic of dance permeates and opens room for debate on important issues, thereby pushing back certain borders within society. This is exactly what Netherlands-based international dance company Club Guy & Roni, led by Israeli artist Guy Weizman, has been doing since it was founded in 2002