€74,000 collected for cancer patients at the BELhospice ball

At the traditional 9th charity ball of the BELhospice centre, which took place on 1 December 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel, €...
Vera Madzgalj, Chief Executive Officer at BELhospice

Vera Madzgalj, Chief Executive Officer at BELhospice

Doing Something Meaningful Feels Special

A year has passed since I received the great opportunity to lead the BELhospice team. It has been a special call and a great challenge, both in implementing services that improve the lives of cancer patients and their families and in establishing the first hospice in Serbia
Ceremonial Beginning Of Construction Works On BELhospice Day Center

Ceremonial Beginning Of Construction Works On BELhospice Day Center

In Mali Mokri Lug the ceremony marking the beginning of construction works on BELhospice Day Center, the first hospice day centre in Serbia.
BELhospice Humanitarian Bowling Tournament 2018

BELhospice Humanitarian Bowling Tournament

At the ninth humanitarian bowling tournament traditionally organised by the BELhospice Centre on International Women's Day

Norwegian Ambassador Receives BELhospice Annual Award

The building of the future hospice centre in Mali Mokri Lug provided the venue for the BELhospice annual award to be presented to the...
8th BELhospice Ball

8th BELhospice Ball

The eighth BELhospice charity ball, under the slogan “Let's bond for the ones in need”, organised in partnership with hotel Hyatt Regency Belgrade, saw...
Traditional BELhospice Charity Ball

Traditional BELhospice Charity Ball

BELhospice Centre is organising it's traditional 8th BELhospice Charity Ball "Let's bond for the ones in need" on Saturday, 25 November, at the Hyatt...

BELhospice Receives “Heroic Act Of The Year” Award

The Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) awarded BELhospice for the great contribution in improving the care for oncology patients

BELhospice Charity Ball

26.11.20167th BELhospice Charity Ball succeeded in raising €117,000 for providing free of charge palliative care and building the first inpatient hospice in Serbia

BELhospice Charity Ball 2016

„Magic is in your hands“