Bela Palanka

Goran Miljković, President Of The Municipality Of Bela Palanka

Life Is Returning To Bela Palanka

Bela Palanka is a place that ensures an increasingly better quality life for citizens through the creation of...

Municipality Of Bela Palanka

Address: Karađorđeva 28, Bela Palanka Tel: +38 18 855 549 E-mail: Website:

Goran Miljković, President of the Municipality of Bela Palanka

Tourism Is Our Chance

Bela Palanka, one of the smaller municipalities in southeast Serbia, measures up to developed municipalities successfully when it...

Goran Miljković, President Of The Municipality Of Bela Palanka

GiS At The Service Of Investors

"The geographic information system (GiS) is of invaluable importance when it comes to solving problems in planning and management, and we will continue to work on its improvement"

Goran Miljković, President Of Bela Palanka Municipality

Priority on Infrastructure and Industrial Zones

The development of the economy in the municipality of Bela Palanka lies in the hands of a dozen...


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