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Tamara Daltroff, EACA Director General

Tamara Daltroff, EACA Director-General

Complex Challenges & Exciting Future of Advertising

With increasingly complex systems to navigate through, there are many challenges facing the advertising industry today. It is hard to balance between multiple goals...
Subrata Bhattacharjee

H.E. Mr. Subrata Bhattacharjee, Ambassador of India to Serbia

Deep Rooted & Close Ties Between India and Serbia

The past three years have seen the strengthening of bilateral ties through such high-level exchanges that last took place only 30 years prior. This...
Virginijus Sinkevičius

Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans & Fisheries

Pollution Knows No Borders

When it comes to coal pollution, Western Balkans is part of Europe “Coal pollution is a European problem and, as such, includes the Western Balkans....
Gabit Syzdykbekov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Serbia

H.E. Mr. Gabit Syzdykbekov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Serbia

Warm Fraternal Welcome

During the last few years, the priority of the Republic of Kazakhstan foreign policy is economic diplomacy. Kazakhstan and Serbia have mutually good opportunities...
focus cord february 2020

Focus: Brain Drain Vs. Brain Circulation

Million Dollar Question

Do people just leave Serbia or do they also return? What policies are available to the government in order to make migration a win-win combination for society? These are issues that are plaguing many countries that are facing a brain drain, and particularly those, like Serbia, that find it difficult to offer their citizens better life prospects in the short term
H.E. Sian Christina Macleod, UK Ambassador to Serbia

H.E. Sian Christina Macleod, UK Ambassador to Serbia

UK Among Mining Sector Change Leaders

Finance in mining is especially important, as mines - and the infrastructure that supports them - are very capital intensive UK mining companies have turned...
Kati Csaba, Ambassador of Canada to Serbia

H.E. Kati Csaba, Ambassador of Canada to Serbia

Serbian Market Becoming Increasingly Attractive

Canadian companies seek markets with effective legislation, predictability, reasonable tax regimes and competitive mining regulations Serbia recently underwent a fiscal consolidation process that placed a...
Stevica Deđanski

Stevica Deđanski, State Secretary At The Ministry Of Mining & Energy

Insulated Buildings Save Up to 50% of Energy

All newly constructed buildings must comply with the requirements of energy efficiency, which means that they have to consume less than 65 kilowatt hours of energy per square metre annually
Garry Jacobs

Garry Jacobs, President and CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science, Chairman of the Board & CEO of the World University Consortium

Stop Imitating And Start Innovating

Serbia, which has a very strong tradition in science and technology and a population with a proven capacity to excel in advanced fields of...
Gilles Arnout Beschoor Plug

H.E. Gilles Arnout Beschoor Plug, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Serbia

High Expectations of Serbia

Every effort is necessary to ensure elections where parties feel they can participate on an equal footing and all voters can cast their vote...
Mihailo Jovanović

Mihailo Jovanović, (Associate Professor, PhD), Director of the Office for Information Technology and E-Government

Intensive Development of eGovernment Systems and Services

This year was marked by the continuation of intensive work on the development of information systems and e-administration services Thanks to the great support of...
Focus Cord 183, January 2020

Revolution or Routine: What is your opinion on the waning 2019 and the coming 2020?

How to Recognise, Curb and Turn Around Bad Infinity?

During the times in which we live, it is sometimes difficult to read whether we’ve just witnessed something that will later prove to be the embryonic start of a major change – in the fight against climate change, in the launching of economic wars, or in an attempt to establish political dialogue and set boundaries between the honourable and the dishonourable – or we routinely bowed our heads. Here’s what our interlocutors think about that
Stefan Milenković

Stefan Milenković, violinist, musical pedagogue

The Artist Always Has a Choice

As a child, he was celebrated by the country that was called Yugoslavia. In fact, he was a child prodigy who played the violin...
Nada Popović Perišić, Founder And Professor Of The Faculty Of Media And Communication

By Nada Popović Perišić

Repositioning Our Entry Into the Third Decade

I think that at least two positions could be dominant when it comes to the decade ahead. The world, and with it Europe and the region, faces antagonistic processes: on the one hand are disintegration processes while on the other are integration processes which, in my opinion, will only deepen in the next decade. At the same time, the growing absence of hope and the inability to see the global perspective seriously call into question faith in the future
Vladimir Bilčík MEP

Vladimir Bilčík, MEP, European Parliament’s Standing Rapporteur for Serbia

Dialogue is the Only Way

When it comes to improving the political environment in Serbia, conditions for free and fair elections and a functioning parliamentary culture, the only way...
Aida Smajić, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Republic of Serbia

H.E. Aida Smajić, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia

Improving Bilateral Relations is the Goal

As next-door neighbours, in the waiting room for entry into the chambers of Europe, we should resolve our open issues through constructive dialogue, mutual...
Christoph Leitl, President of Eurochambres

Christoph Leitl, President of Eurochambres

Integration Should Contribute to Harmonisation With the EU

Regional Integration Would Be a Win-win Idea. Yet, for Successful Implementation, The Overall Framework Has to Be European, As This Is the Natural Choice for The Western Balkan Countries, Both Economically and Politically