Artur Turemka

General Manager for the Balkans, Mastercard

Artur Turemka, General Director Mastercard Balkans

Cash Is The Past Mastercard Means Security

Mastercard is a company with experience, technology and know-how that can positively contribute to fight against the grey economy in several regional markets, and the company is supporting its partners in expanding the payment network

Artur Turemka, General Manager For The Balkans, Mastercard

Serbia Growing Cashless Society

“The matter of building a cashless society is a matter of the financial inclusion and education of citizens. Even in Europe, 138 million people are financially cut off from society, i.e. without a bank account or payment methods. In Serbia there is a similar issue. According to the World bank’s latest data, 17% of citizens are financially excluded,” says Artur Turemka, Mastercard’s manager for the Balkan region