Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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NBA Members Christmas Meet-up

The Nordic Business Alliance (NBA) in Serbia welcomed its members and associates to the Christmas Party hosted by Belgrade’s Radisson Blu Old Mill hotel on...

Nordic Innovative Business In Serbia

The Norwegian Ambassadorial Residence in Belgrade hosted the conference Nordic Innovative Business in Serbia, which was co-organised by the Nordic Business Alliance and the...

Serbia Deserves The Interest Of Nordic Businesses

Serbia hasn’t been on the radar of mainstream Nordic business, but when it receives the focus it deserves, we predict major growth of interest in terms of trade and investments. The greatest potential for development lies in the IT sector, sustainable development and energy. Cooperation in these fields, as well as adoption of the Nordic business model, will bring many benefits to Serbia

Andreja Pavlović, Executive Director OfNordic Business Alliance:

Law Still Remains ToBe Seen In Practice

Since the Delegation of the German Economy for Serbia and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce gave their support to the enactment of the new Law, we’ve seen multiple efforts on the side of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia to showcase the added value that is to come as a result of the change of the financing model (mandatory membership fees)

European Networking Coctail

20.4.2017Eight chambers of commerce of European countries present in Serbia, with a cocktail reception attended by 250 people

Meeting Of The American, French And Nordic Business Communities

6.4.2017Business Speed Meeting held by the AmCham, CCIFS and NBA

Andreja Pavlović, Director, Nordic Business Alliance (NBA):

In Serbia Nordic Model: A Role Model For Serbia

Nordic companies enjoy a good reputation in Serbia. They are visible, and have a footprint due to their habit of sharing knowhow and innovating with local stakeholders. This is something that Nordic companies pride themselves on globally, and Serbia is not an exception