Friday, October 19, 2018

Tag: Ana Grujović

Executive Director of the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SSCC)

Ana Grujović, Director Of The Swiss-serbian Chamber Of Commerce, SSCC:

Dual Education – Among The Key Factors

The SSCC’s Conference on Dual Education, to be held in October 2018 in Belgrade, will be the next stage of the continuing Swiss-Serbian dialogue with a view to contributing to the sustainable and systemic development of the new education system in Serbia

Speed Business Meeting

The Slovenian Business Club - SPK, the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce- SSCC and the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce-BSCC have jointly organised a “Speed Business...

“Grand Tour Of Switzerland” Photo Exhibition Opens

A photography exhibition entitled “Grand tour of Switzerland”, organised jointly by the Switzerland Tourism organisation, the Embassy of Switzerland in Belgrade and the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, has opened at Kalemegdan Fortress and will run until 4th August.

Ana Grujović, SSCC Executive Director :

SSCC Members’ Reunions For Stronger Connections

We offer an opportunity to our members to increase their corporate visibility within the SSCC network and to maintain regular communication with other member-companies. We are also publishing interviews with representatives of our member-companies in order to promote the activities of Swiss companies in Serbia and highlight their good business practises

Partners - Switzerland Ana Grujović, SSCC Executive Director:

By Working Together We Grow Stronger

SSCC is in a good position to identify the interests and concerns of its member companies and relay them to officials and decision-makers. To achieve this, SSCC creates platforms for public-private dialogue by organizing conferences, the last of which was held in October 2016 - ’’Conference on SMEs’’.