Johannes Eigner

H.E. Johannes Eigner, Former Ambassador of Austria to Serbia

H.E. Johannes Eigner, Austrian Ambassador To Serbia

Remembering History – Creating The Future

If the leaders of France and Germany can meet for a joint commemoration (The end of World War I), it shouldn’t seem strange for Serbia and Austria to do the same. We already showed in 2014 that it is perfectly possible to address such a seemingly controversial subject in a joint approach with our Serbian counterparts when we organised an Austrian-Serbian exhibition under the slogan “remembering history – creating the future” - Ambassador Johannes Eigner


2016 Highlights – 2017 Expectations

In our now traditional survey, CorD ends each year by posing questions to ambassadors accredited in Serbia that relate to the year that is coming to an end and their expectations for the year ahead
62nd International Book Fair 2017

62nd International Book Fair

The 62nd International Book Fair, celebrating the achievements of the written word, opened in Belgrade under the slogan “The Key is in books” on...

Karl-Markus Gauß ToOpen 62nd Book Fair

The guest of honour countries at this year’s International Belgrade Book Fair are German-speaking countries and literature in German, and joint appearances of the programme Four Countries One Language will be presented by Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Udo Eichlinger Siemens Celebrates 130 Years Of Doing Business In Serbia 2017

Siemens Celebrates 130 Years Of Doing Business In Serbia

German conglomerate Siemens has been present in Serbia since 1887, when a contract on construction of Belgrade’s first public power plant, in Dorćol was signed, while Siemens d.o.o. Belgrade was founded in 1996
Austria Connect Southeast Europe In Belgrade

Austria Connect Southeast Europe In Belgrade

Representatives of Austrian companies, potential investors in Southeast Europe as well as managers of Austrian companies took pat in this year's conference

H.E. Johannes Eigner, Ambassador Of Austria EU

Perhaps Not in Focus, But Certainly Not Forgotten

There is admittedly no clear answer regarding precisely when and how the goal of full EU membership will be achieved – but it is certain that convincing reform programmes in the individual candidate countries will greatly help to bring more clarity

Austria Serious Test for Europe in 2016

Last year was a year with unprecedented challenges for Europe as a whole – the refugee and migrant crisis has put a large number of countries, both inside and outside the Union, to a serious test, and has shaken some of the fundamentals of the Union itself