Gordan Markotić

H.E. Gordan Markotić, Former Ambassador of Croatia to Serbia

Croatian Business Club Gathering

Traditional before the Summer break gathering

Croatian Statehood And Armed Forces Days Commemorated

21.6.2017Ambassador Markotić welcomed members of the diplomatic corps, as well as guests from Serbia's public life

Christmas Reception At The Embassy Of Croatia

15.12.2016"2016 was filled with challenges and I hope 2017 will bring prosperity"

Croatian Statehood Day and Croatian Armed Forces Day Commemorated

21.06.2016The Croatian Embassy in Serbia has celebrated Croatian Statehood Day and Croatian Armed Forces Day at Belgrade’s Crown Plaza Hotel
Gordan Markotic

H.E. Gordan Markotić, Croatian Ambassador to Serbia

While There Are Neighbours, There Will Be Open Issues

Croatia strives to help Serbia in its European integration process, and the issues highlighted in this process are important both for Serbia and for the whole process of building sustainable peace, security and reconciliation in this part of Europe. For them, the European framework is relevant, rather than the bilateral one