Airport City

Business Philosophy of Simplicity

The most beautiful solutions are simple – a philosophy of success The holiday season is behind us - we are sitting in the cosy premises...

When Business Creates Art

The “Film set” exhibition offered original photos of our most famous actors produced in only one copy and featuring their signature- all revenue intended for FDU

‘Film Set’ Project At The Airport City

Airport City Belgrade hosted the promotion of its 2019 calendar, under the project “Film set” comprising of the original photos of most famous Serbian...

New Building Opened In Airport City

New building “2200” Officially Opened

Airport City: Promotion Of The Calendar 2018

Airport City Belgrade hosted a promotion of its 2018 calendar, inspired by the works of René Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist. What is the connection between...

Long Distance Runner

“My company sees Serbia as a place where a lot of things could be done; Serbia and Belgrade are ‘virgin territory’ for us,” says Adir El Al, Chief Executive Officer of Airport City Belgrade

The Mona Lisa Was Also Made To Order

“Airport City gave us complete freedom in creating a corporate film that students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts will film for this company,” says Miloš Pavlović, Dean of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, speaking to CorD.

Rhapsody In Airport City

Last year the famous ACB calendar brought together modern dance, sophisticated graphic design and the architecture and concept of the most successful business park in a very unusual way. This year’s is different: it is inspired by musical instruments

Superbrand Serbia Awards Presented

13.06.2016The prestigious Superbrand Serbia 2015/2016 Awards have been presented to the best Serbian companies. Among the major winners were Imlek, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Air Serbia, but also the women's national basketball team, in recognition of its outstanding results in sport, and the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, which was awarded for its innovation

Airport City Belgrade A Business Oasis

Never at the expense of safety: Airport City CEO Adir El Al has built the reputation of an investor who builds quickly and efficiently...