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The German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

AHK, SPK And TSG Law Office Working Breakfast

Devoted to regulations, state aid and controls, investment projects and conditions

AHK Sommerfest

15.6.2017 - German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) welcomed the guests to their annual summer celebration

Germans Seek Regional Suppliers

31.5.2017Gathering was for the first time held outside Germany and Serbia got the honors

AHK Serbia – Members Dinner With Ana Brnabić

25.5.2017The traditional AHK Members Dinner brought together hundreds of members of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce at Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, with an address given by guest of honour Serbian State Administration and Local Self-Government Minister Ana Brnabić, who spoke on the topic of public administration reform and plans for 2017

Speed Business Meeting

10.5.2017Organized for the members of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Italian-Serbian Entrepreneurs and the Hellenic Business Association

European Networking Coctail

20.4.2017Eight chambers of commerce of European countries present in Serbia, with a cocktail reception attended by 250 people

H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador To Serbia:

Better Education For A More Resilient Society

Dual education can be a major contributor to sustainable economic growth. The key prerequisite for it to work well is a functioning legal framework, which gives companies the security they need to work in Serbia and invest in their workers. Germany will continue to support Serbia in its economic and legal reform efforts and on its path towards the EU

AHK Seminar “Time Management“

15.3.2017 Interactive lecture “Time management” organised by AHK member-company Management Centre Belgrade (MCB)

AHK Christmas Party

Traditional Christmas celebration by the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Proposals For A Better Serbia

Serbian Visions presented more than 60 non-governmental organisations, institutes, universities, professional associations and enterprises in order to improve things in society

Serbian Visions 2016

25.11.20162nd Serbian Visions 26th and 27th November

Welcome to Serbian Visions

Serbian and German business leaders and civil society representatives will meet on 26th and 27th November at the Serbian Visions Congress

Serbian Visions 2016

Serbian and German business leaders and civil society representatives will meet on 26th and 27th November at the Serbian Visions Congress, where they will jointly try to find a way for the economy to be more efficient and for civil society to be stronger, all with the aim of ensuring a better future for Serbia

Marko Čadež, President Of Serbian Chamber Of Commerce:

Germany is More Than Just an Economic Partner

Germany is one of the leading economic partners of Serbia, and more intensive cooperation with the companies, financial organisations and institutions of the strongest European economy is a great privilege for the Serbian economy

Martin Knapp, Director Of The German-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce:

A Better Business Climate Brings More Investors

At the moment, German companies see Serbia primarily as a procurement market and as an interesting location for investment. This happens certainly because of the improvement of the investment climate, but also due to various international factors


We Can Do It Even Better

It seems that German-Serbian political and economic relations are stable and constantly progressing. However, it is a concerning fact that German companies that operate here constantly repeat the same criticisms: an insufficiently decisive fight against corruption and crime, the inefficiency of public administration and legal uncertainty

German-Serbian Bilateral Relationship:

Supporting Political And Economic Reforms

A key element of German and European policy towards Serbia is providing support for political and economic reform. The aims are to further advance the process of democratic change and promote the rule of law in Serbia as well as making progress in the country’s European Union (EU) accession process

German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce:

First Bilateral Chamber of Commerce In Serbia

Germany has for years held the position of one of Serbia’s leading partners in all sectors of the economy. Hard work, and with that a significant role in fostering German-Serbian economic cooperation, can also certainly be attributed to the institution that is considered one of the largest and most important bilateral organisations in Serbia: the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia)