Agribusiness 2017

CorD Magazine special edition on Agribusiness sector in Serbia in 2017

Agribusiness 2017

Land Is Everything That Matters

Richard Masa, Head of Section at the EU Delegation of Serbia

Trade Balance Brings Mutual Benefits

This special edition of CorD on Agribusiness comes at a timely moment when Serbia is preparing its position for negotiating the terms of its accession to the EU for chapter 13 (Fisheries) and is advancing work on meeting the requirements for opening also chapters 11 (Agriculture & Rural Development) and 12 (Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Matters) for negotiation.

Nenad Budimović, Secretary-General, Association for Livestock and Processing of Livestock Products, Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Product Control From Farm To Table

It is possible to establish complete control of products – from the farm to the table – and this is the objective of the whole concept of safe food production: primary producers, transport, processing and production of food, distribution and retail storage

Anne-Kathrin Wirtz, Strengthening Municipal Land Management In Serbia Project Leader, GIZ

GIZ Project For More Efficient Agricultural Production

Seven pilot municipalities in Southeast Serbia have reorganised more than 5,000 hectares during the project implemented by GIZ


Seasonal Workers At A Single Click

Every year around 80,000 Serbians find themselves in a field, orchard, farm or greenhouse, performing agricultural work as a seasonal labour force. For some this serves as a side job, while others see it as their only source of income. What all of them have in common is that their work goes unregistered
Mladen Jovanovic

Mladen Jovanović, General Manager Of Victoria Logistic, A Member Of The Victoria Group

Responsible For Assuring Quality And Quantity Of Goods

Victoria Logistic, a member of the Victoria Group, organises the primary production of oilseeds and grains, distribution of raw materials, trade, transport and storage of agricultural commodities. With 500,000 tonnes per annum, it is the market leader in purchase of oilseeds and the link between agricultural producers and processors

Professor Emeritus Dr Branka Lazić, University Of Novi Sad Faculty Of Agriculture

Good Image Of Organic Production

Serbian farmers have understood what organic farming can offer in production, economic and environmental terms, and today we have various successful examples which show that the potential for organic agriculture is slowly but surely being realised
Thomas Czutta

Thomas Czutta, Country Manager, GEA EAC Serbia

Profitable Production Of The Highest Quality Milk

GEA Group pays close attention to the needs of farmers on the international market, expands its range of products through continuous investment in research and development, and offers its customers, whose number is constantly increasing, top quality on the basis of the “turnkey” system

Dr Pavle Sklenar, General Director, KWS

Seed Guardians

After 14 years on the Serbian market, KWS is among the five leading companies in sales of corn seed
Milan Lukic

Dr Milan Lukić, Director, Fruit Research Institute, Čačak

The Institute As An Essential Factor In Developing Fruit Production

Every third plum tree in our country originates from the Čačak Institute

Organic Control System

Stamp Of Trust

"Organic Control System" is authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection for inspecting and certifying organic production and the re-certification of imported organic products, verifying product conformity with marks of geographic origin and verifying product conformity with the mark “Srpski kvalitet”, and it is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia according to the standard SRPS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2016

Agribusiness 2017

World News: April 2017


Damir Mančić, Director, Amaks DOO

Amaks Helps Serbia’s Dairy Industry Develop

The products of Stado Moje are recognisable in Vojvodina and Belgrade

Andrea Kiralj, Director, Berko Production Mol

Innovative Agricultural Machinery And Appliances

Machinery designed by the Berko company of Mol has found its way to the markets of 24 countries

Agribusiness 2017

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