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Sustainability As A Crucial Part Of Our Business

Corporate social responsibility is a crucial and inseparable part of our company’s operations, both at the global level and individual brewery level. In each segment of our business, and with the participation of all our stakeholders, we create different programmes and projects that have social responsibility as their common denominator.

Our CSR policy is aimed at both the PEOPLE and the PLANET, and stands firmly on the following pillars: 1. Responsibly refreshing – in which we advocate responsible consumption of alcohol through numerous projects, such as the “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE” project; 2. Sustainable brewing – which means applying a responsible approach to production processes, within the scope of which we would single out our construction – worth RSD13 million – of the waste water treatment plant that now has the additional purpose of generating power as a by-product of treatment; 3. Collectively crafted – our responsibility towards the community, where we initiate or support numerous organisations or projects; 4. Employee wellbeing – we promote the striking of a balance between career and personal life, and introduce numerous employee benefits while at the same time observing all the principles of diversity and inclusion. We thus became the first FMCG sector company in Serbia to be awarded the Family Friendly certificate.


This is one of our most enduring CSR projects, which we conduct in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, Traffic Police Directorate and Road Traffic Safety Agency. Within the scope of this campaign, over the past 15 years, the Brewery has remained committed to educating consumers in order to draw attention to all the negative consequences of consuming alcohol prior to driving. In addition to using interesting methods to instruct consumers about the negative effects alcohol has on their motor skills, it also prompts them not to sit behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, but rather to use alternative transport to return home – to call a taxi or a friend to give them a ride; to walk or use public transport. We this year donated 600 reflective vests to traffic police. We’ve so far invested around 130,000 euros in the procurement of 135 alcometers and 50,000 alcometer mouthpieces.


Apatin Brewery, together with German international development agency GIZ, NALED and company Sekopak, has been implementing the project “Glass Packaging Management in the Western Balkans”. Our €150,000 investment was used to procure infrastructure elements in the form of collection containers, as many as 600 of them for collecting glass packaging waste, all for the purpose of increasing the amount of glass packaging collected by 20%. In this way, a profitable system of glass waste treatment and recycling would be established in Serbia and around the region, thus improving the existing system of extended producer responsibility. In addition to investing in infrastructure and increasing the amounts of recyclable material of collected, this project also aims to educate – not only consumers and other people, but also local communities and public utility companies – and thus contribute to strengthening the overall capacities of local communities in this area of operations.

Apatin Brewery

Focused On People And The Planet

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