Thursday, February 21, 2019

Branislav Nedimović, Minister Of Agriculture, Forestry And Water Economy:

IPАRD – Development Opportunity For Serbian Agriculture

The launch of construction of large irrigation systems in Serbia, the announcement of the first calls for IPARD and the purchase of company IMT by renowned Indian company TAFE have all marked the previous period, and Minister Nedimović also announces the further continuation of investments and intensive work on utilising the potential of the agriculture and manufacturing industries

Branislav Nedimović, Minister For Agriculture And Environmental Protection:

Growing Interest In Investing In Agricultural Production

Phil Hogan, European Commissioner For Agriculture Snd Rural Development:

Serbia Now Benefitting From EC Assistance

Jelena Marinković, Executive Director Of The Sector For Integrated Marketing Communications Of The Novi Sad Fair:

Global Agribusiness Leaders In Novi Sad

Agribusiness Serbia 2018

The Land Is Everything


Jorgovanka Tabaković, Governor Of The National Bank Of Serbia:

Stable & Highly Resilient

The main objective for all of us should be to ensure that bank operations are sustainable in the long run, in order to avoid a repetition of past negative experiences. Thanks to the measures we undertook in past years, the domestic banking system is now stable and highly resilient against various macroeconomic shocks

15 Years At Its Clients’ Service


Feza Tan, Chairwoman Of The Management Board Of Unicredit Bank:

We’re Focused On Client’s Needs

Miloš Vujnović, Executive Board Chairman, Jubmes Bank:

Small, But Efficient

Veroljub Dugalić Ph.d., Secretary General Of The Association Of Serbian Banks:

Well-Grounded Optimism

Zoran Popović, Member Of The Executive Board Of Postal Savings Bank:

Enduring Relationships Create Trust

Serbian Banking Sector 2018

Prospects And Challenges Of The Serbian Banking Sector

Tamara Daltroff, Director General at EACA

Tough & Inspiring Times

Brexit, European Parliament elections and a new set-up of the European Commission, as well as the emergence of new players on the market and data protection issues will impact on the work of agencies in 2019, while local ones will also have domestic challenges to deal with

Ana Laušević, Corporate Communications Manager at Arriva Serbia

We are Mobility Partner of Choice

Sandra Lazarević, Head of the PR and Marketing Communications Department at Banca Intesa

On Top of the Game

Jelena Bauder, Bauder Medical

Online Education is a Priority

Tamara Bekčić, Director and Co-founder of Agency Chapter 4 in Serbia

International Award as the Additional Incentive

Jelena Trninić, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, The Coca-cola Company Serbia

Doing Business the Right Way

Communications 2019

Important Supporter of the Serbian Economy

Zorana Mihajlović Ph.D., Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Construction, Transport And Infrastructure:

We Prepare Thoroughly For Each Move

Serbia is today a country with regulated public finances, which has enabled it to launch and finance an ambitious new cycle of infrastructure works, to work on connecting Serbia with the region and the EU, and thus also strengthening the competitiveness of our economy. That’s a job that will continue in 2018.

Danka Selić, Belgrade Fair CEO:

Building Trade Fair Is Building Us

Melanija Pavlović, General Manager, Baumit Serbia:

Freedom Of Design

Zorana Mihajlović PHD, Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Construction, Transport And Infrastructure Serbia:

Is A Country In Full Swing

Danka Selić, CEO, Belgrade Fair:

Bringing The Construction Industry Together

Đoka Janjušević, Director, Tikkurila:

Ahead Of Its Time

Construction Sector 2018

Leaders Of The Serbian Construction Sector

Dušan Stokić, Director Of The CCIS Centre For Environmental Protection, Standards And Technical Regulations:

Tax Breaks Would Encourage Donations

For 15 years already, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, in public and among its members, has promoted the key principles and values of social responsibility, while the National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility was first established in 2007

Jasna Uzelac Braunović, Head Of Media Relations & Sustainability, UniCredit Bank, Serbia:

Responsible ApproachTo All CSR Activities

Ivana Todorović, Head Of External Communications, Societe Generale Srbija:

Support To EntrepreneurshipAnd Innovations

Miloš Pavlović, Dean Of The Faculty Of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade University:

The Mona Lisa Was Also Made To Order

Dušan Stokić, Head Of The Centre For Environmental Protection At The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of Serbia (CCIS):

With Better Companies To A Better Community

Corporate Social Responsibility 2017/18

Be Responsible For The Benefit Of Society

Vladimir Bumbaširević, MD, Ph.D., Rector of the University of Belgrade:

Information Technology And Other Challenges

Technological development, especially in the field of information technology, has imposed new challenges on education policy in our country, as well as the need for an institutional framework that would enable us to cope with those challenges

Dr Rob Risch, Director Of The International School Of Belgrade (ISB):

Nurturing Diversity

Dušan Cogoljević, Founder Of The Faculty Of Business Economics And Entrepreneurship:

Synergy Of Innovations And Traditional Learning

Violeta Jovanović Ph.D., Dean Of The Faculty Of Education In Jagodina, University Of Kragujevac:

No Better Teachers Than Ours

Professor Hristos Aleksopulos, Principal Of The College Of Applied Health Sciences Ćuprija:

The Future Is Bright For Healthcare Professionals

Professor Mića Jovanović, Ph.D., Rector Of Megatrend University:

One Step Ahead Of The Others

Private And State Education 2018

Guide Private And State Education In Serbia


Mihailo Jovanović Ph.D., Director Of The Serbian Government Office For IT And eGovernment

Digitisation Has Changed The World

The world is changing rapidly, with globalisation and digitisation significantly increasing the pace of our lives and bringing us closer together than ever before, as well as presenting profound challenges to our self-perception, politics, the economy, security and society

Mladen Šarčević, Serbian Minister Of Education, Science And Technological Development

Adapt Education To The Needs Of The Market

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner For Digital Economy And Society:

Laying The Foundations Of A Digital Europe

Houlin Zhao, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Secretary-General:

Enormous Potential Of ICT For Good

H.E. Arne Bjornstad, Ambassador Of Norway To Serbia:

IT sector – Serbia’s Greatest Potential

H.E. Denis Keefe, UK Ambassador To Serbia:

UK Supports Serbia’s Digitisation

e-Serbia 2018

Digital Reform 2018


Mirjana Filipović, State Secretary At The Ministry Of Mining And Energy:

Energy Safety Is Serbia’s Priority

Energy sector reforms, increasing the share of the renewable energy sources, and improving energy efficiency are key points in the Serbian Energy Sector Development Strategy in the next decade. The EU Directives pertaining to energy sector are already implemented in the Energy Law

Branimir Mijailović, Director, Energotehnika Južna Bačka:

Every Day A New Challenge

Balz Baur, MS Of Environmental Science,ETH Zurich, BASNA:

How To Invert Climate – Change

Neda Lazendić, Windvision, Country Manager Serbia:

Serbia Is A Reliable Partner

Ljubomir Novković, General Manager, Alfa-Gas Term:

A Serbian Dream That Came True

Jasmina Popović, Director, DNP Inženjering Novi Sad:

Ready For All Professional Challenges

Serbian Energy Sector 2018

Sustainability As An Energy Sector Development Challenge

Foreign Investors Council

Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

Foreign Investors – An Important Link In Our Development Chain

I expect the inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI) to continue to grow this year and for it to total about 10% more than last year, which is a big and important result. We want FDI to help in accelerating balanced regional development, which has proven to be an excellent solution through several examples in the interior of Serbia

Yana Mikhailova, President of the FIC and CEO of Nestlé

Window of Opportunity for Strong Growth

Zorana Mihajlović, Serbian DPM and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

We are Quickly Connecting With Europe

Siniša Mali, Serbian Minister of Finance

Economic Relief Stimulates Economic Growth

Jorgovanka Tabaković, Governor of The National Bank Of Serbia

Preserving Stability – Supporting Economic Growth

Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry And Water Management

We’ve Created Prerequisites For Agriculture’s Sustainable Development

Foreign Investors Council 2018/2019

Partner For Growth - Contribution Of Foreign Investors To Serbia's Economic Development

Indrustial Zones

Gordana Hašimbegović, Secretary General Of The Serbian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry’s Trade Association

Engines of Serbia’s Economic Growth

The establishment of industrial and free zones, as well as efficient management and sustainable development, are important prerequisites in the implementation of the development strategy for the Serbian economy, and are equally important both for local communities and the country as a whole

Dragan Kostić, Director Of The Pirot Free Zone

Success Based on Highest Standards

Branislava Stojković Marčetić, Director Of The Subotica Free Zone:

Modern Operations for Top Results

Milan Selaković, President Of The Municipality Of Plandište:

Gem Yet to be Discovered

Darko Bogosavljević President Of Bela Crkva Municipality:

From Tourism and Agriculture to an Industrial Park and Good Infrastructure

Tomislav Ilić, Mayor Of Kraljevo:

Ample Capacity For Development and Investments

Human Resorces

Dragan Rosić, HR Director For Serbia And Montenegro, Apatin Brewery (Molson Coors Europe):

Being People’s First Choice

“We believe in the power of feedback - clearly defined, formal indicators or informally received suggestions or guidelines, which top management listens to and respects the suggestions of employees”

Ivana Ivić, Head Of HR Department At UniCredit Bank Serbia:

Culture And Innovations To Foster Business

Dušanka Babić, HR Director, DHL:

Motivated People

Nataša Stamenković, HR Director, NIS A.D. Novi Sad:

What’s App In HR Management?

Jelena Spasić, Head Of HR Country, Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast D.O.O.:

Teaching Employees To Believe In Their Own Capabilities

Milica Jović, CHRO, NELT:

Modern Business Requires Constant Change

Human Resources 2018

Serving Economic Growth

Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner For The Environment, Maritime Affairs And Fisheries:

Blue & White Collar Jobs Can Become Green

Greening our economy is not a luxury; it is key to maintaining our competitiveness. Many European industries have already recognised the strong business case for improving resource productivity and are investing in green and sustainable solutions. Candidate countries must also be able to take on and effectively implement all the legislation of the EU, including in the area of the environment

Goran Trivan, Serbian Minister Of Environmental Protection

We Don’t Rush – We Work Thoughtfully

Filip Radović, Director Of The Environmental Protection Agency:

Increasing Examples Of Good Cooperation

Regional Environmental Center:

Strong Civil Society For Better Environment

Željko Pantelić, Assistant Minister For Supervision And Prevention, Ministry Of Environmental Protection:

Heading For The EU

Thinking Green & Living Clean 2018

Join Up - Take Action

International Business

Zorana Mihajlović Ph.D., Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport & Infrastructure:

New Government Brings New Energy

I believe the new government will bring new energy and continue to implement reforms at an equally strong pace. My team and I will invest all the necessary energy, work and knowhow to connect Serbia with the region and the world. Another of our goals is for Serbia to enter the club of the world’s top 20 countries in terms of conditions for doing business

Goran Knežević, Serbian Economy Minister:

We’ll Be Even More Attractive For Major Foreign Players

Dubravka Nègre, Head of EIB Regional Representation for the WB:

Strongly Supporting Serbia’s Reform Path

Sebastian Sosa, IMF Resident Representative In Belgrade:

It Is Too Early For Laurels

Daniel Berg, EBRD Director For Serbia:

More Robust Growth Demands Further Reform

Marijana Vasilescu, CEO Of Sberbank Serbia:

Proud Of Record Client Growth

13th Edition International Business Sector 2018

Over 40 of the highest political officials, foreign economic representatives and more than 2500 foreign companies, in one place

Dr Verica Lazić, Director Of The National Health Insurance:

Administration By Saving The Patients Also Get More

For the first ten months of 2016, the NHIA sent 544 insured individuals for treatment abroad, free in-vitro fertilisation was performed at as many as 16 health facilities, availability of drugs is at a satisfactory level, while patients' rights have been extended when it comes to rehabilitation

Professor Aleksandar N. Nešković, Chairman Of The Clinic For Internal Medicine And Chief Of The Interventional Cardiology At The Clinical Hospital Centre Zemun:

Every Other Citizen Of Serbia Dies Of Cardiovascular Disease!

Dr Đorđe Bajec, Bel Medic:

Major Surgeries, Minor Incisions

Atlas General Hospital, Belgrade:

Global Standards In Serbian Private Medical Practice

Dr Tanja Radenkov Micić, Eterna:

Another Year Older, But Younger

Nađa Stupar Md, Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, Aqualab:

NIPT – Next Generation

Goran Kovačević, President of NALED’s Managing Board and CEO of Gomex Company:

We Have the Formula for Reform

NALED is the first organisation to truly succeed in consolidating and synchronising the work of the private and public sectors and to ensure that its main objective is comprehensive and commonly accepted: to create a business-friendly environment that will provide a better life for all Serbia

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Serbia:

Working With NALED Opens Doors To The Civil Sector

Coffee With The First Three Presidents Of NALED’s Managing Board:

NALED Has Changed Both Us And Serbia

Goran Pitić Chairman of the NALED Fair Competition Alliance:

Extending Fiscalisation Would Have The Greatest Effect In Curbing The Grey Zone

Olivera Papić, President Of Fair Competition Working Group For Raising Awareness And Head Of Corporative Affairs And Marketing, Moj Kiosk Group:

Education Of Citizens On Grey Economy Is Crucial

Vladimir Tipsarević, Vice-president Of Fair Competition Alliance And Corporate Affairs Manager, JTI:

Success Will Depend On Government Decisiveness

10 Years of NALED

10 Years Of NALED Celebrating Reforms

Zorana Mihajlović Ph.d., Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Are We Facing a New Decade of Reform?

The reform of the real estate cadastre, following the e-permit reform, is the next major reform for our construction sector and one of the most important reforms for improving the business environment in Serbia. A prerequisite for encouraging investment is a regulated real estate cadastre, in which all updated data on real estate and property ownership is kept, as well as estimates of the value of immovable property, and which should represent the basis for determining public revenues

Zorana Mihajlović, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister:

Serbia Will Also Be A Leader In Cadastre Reform

Nebojša Šurlan, Director Of The Building Directorate Of Serbia:

People Are Building, But Also Buying

Bryan Beaton, Managing Director, NAI ATRIUM:

Company That Makes A Difference

Emerging Trends In Real Estate:

Reshaping The Future In 2018

Jovanka Atanacković, Assistant Minister For Construction, Transport And Infrastructure:

We’ve Got The Wheel Of Development Turning

Standards & Standardisation

Tatjana Bojanić, Acting Director Of The Institute For The Standardisation Of Serbia (ISS):

Serbian Standards at The European Level

The Institute for the Standardisation of Serbia (ISS) brings Serbian standards that are harmonised with international and European standards. The overall objective of ISS is to develop a national standardisation system that will enable it to successfully satisfy the needs of potential stakeholders in our country, as well as to create the conditions necessary to successfully integrate Serbia into the European Union


Lise Fuhr, Director General Of The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO)

Serving Customers At Best

The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) has represented Europe’s leading telecommunication companies since 1992

Dejan Turk, CEO Of Vip mobile

Investing In Customer Confidence

Petar Popović, Executive Director Of The Business Customer Division At Telekom Srbija

How Does Telekom Srbija Contribute To The Development Of ICT?

Branko Mitrović, Executive Director Of Corporate Affairs At Telenor

Serbia Follows European Trends

Telecommunications in Serbia 2016

Innovation And Investments

The very best of Serbia, from foreigners who know

Welcome To Serbia

Warm, welcoming and lots of fun – everything you never heard about Serbia is true. Exuding a feisty mix of elan and inat (national traits of rebellious defiance), this country doesn’t do ‘mild’: Belgrade rivals Berlin as a party destination, the northern city of Novi Sad hosts the epic EXIT festival, and even its hospitality is emphatic – expect to be greeted with rakija (fruit brandy) and a hearty three-kiss welcome

September - Ideal For Holidays, But Also For The Start Of New Business Cycles:

Holiday In The Waning Of Summer

Ms. Nataša Pavlović, Director Of The Tourist Organization Of Vojvodina:

Rest And FunFrom The Plains

Marija Labović, Director Of The Tourist Organisation Of Serbia:

We’re Becoming A Serious Tourist Destination

Zoran Ljubotina, Director Of The Tourist Organisation Of The City Of Zrenjanin:

Summer Packed With Happenings

Hotels 2018

The Best Hotels For September Sun After Summer Delights

Transportation & Logistics

NELT: 25 Years of Successful Operations

Investments Ensure Success

The Nelt Group, one of Serbia's most successful domestic business systems today, employs 4,000 people in 11 companies on as many markets in Southeast Europe and Africa. As a leader in the provision of state-of-the-art distribution and logistics services, the Nelt Group will realise consolidated net gains of €930 million in 2018

Dejan Tubić, Director, Holleman Transport

Wind Turbines on the Roads Of Europe

Muamer Ragipović, Executive Director for SEE at Eyemaxx

To European Standards

Nebojša Radić, Director of Logistic House

Trust Is the Most Important Factor

Dušan Garibović, General Manager, Srbija Kargo JSC:

We’re Restoring Confidence In The Railways


Taking Action for Climate

“This initiative represents an opportunity for local self-governments, the business sector, civil society organisations and the scientific-research community to respond jointly in Serbia to the challenges of adapting to climate change, in order for us to preserve our environment, protect people's lives and incentivise economic development through innovative solutions.” - Goran Trivan, Minister of Environmental Protection