Branislav Nedimović, Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Great Chance on New Markets

The use of IPARD funds, higher national subsidies and investments in the processing sector are creating ever better conditions for the development of the Serbian agriculture and food industry

Srbislav Vidojević, Timomed Managing Director

Secure Bulk Purchases – Production Expansion

Franco Manzato, Undersecretary for Agriculture, Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Reinforce a Common Legislative Framework

Vuk Radojević, Vojvodina Provincial Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management

Better Budget Conditions Created

Alexandre Petrovic, Managing Director, Cleverfarm

Clever Farming for Smart Farmer

Aleksandar Cvetić, CEO of BCM Trade D.O.O. (Ltd.)

BCM Trade Plans to Double Grain Exports By 2020

Agribusiness 2019

Land Is Everything


Jorgovanka Tabaković, Governor Of The National Bank Of Serbia

Stable & Highly Resilient

The main objective for all of us should be to ensure that bank operations are sustainable in the long run, in order to avoid a repetition of past negative experiences. Thanks to the measures we undertook in past years, the domestic banking system is now stable and highly resilient against various macroeconomic shocks

15 Years At Its Clients’ Service


Feza Tan, Chairwoman Of The Management Board, Unicredit Bank

We’re Focused On Client’s Needs

Miloš Vujnović, Executive Board Chairman, Jubmes Bank

Small, But Efficient

Veroljub Dugalić PhD, Secretary-General Of The Association Of Serbian Banks

Well-Grounded Optimism

Zoran Popović, Member Of The Executive Board Of Postal Savings Bank

Enduring Relationships Create Trust

Serbian Banking Sector 2018

Prospects And Challenges Of The Serbian Banking Sector

Tamara Daltroff, EACA Director-General

Complex Challenges & Exciting Future of Advertising

With increasingly complex systems to navigate through, there are many challenges facing the advertising industry today. It is hard to balance between multiple goals...

Tomica Orešković, CEO Lokomotiva

Digital Transformation 2.0

Branislava Cagronov, Regional MD UM

Innovation & Partnership

Marina Grihović, Founder and Director of PR and Media Consulting Agency Headline and Digital Communications Agency DKIT

Plan For 2020: Be Better

Ljubica Vukčević, Head of Research & Insight at Direct Media United Solutions

We Always Track Changes In The Media

Mirjana Višnjić, General Manager, We Media Agency D.o.o.

We Are Able to Play

Zorana Mihajlović Ph.D., Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Construction, Transport And Infrastructure

We Prepare Thoroughly For Each Move

Serbia is today a country with regulated public finances, which has enabled it to launch and finance an ambitious new cycle of infrastructure works, to work on connecting Serbia with the region and the EU, and thus also strengthening the competitiveness of our economy. That’s a job that will continue in 2018.

Danka Selić, Belgrade Fair CEO

Building Trade Fair Is Building Us

Melanija Pavlović, General Manager, Baumit Serbia

Freedom Of Design

Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister And Minister Of Construction, Transport & Infrastructure

Serbia Is A Country In Full Swing

Danka Selić, CEO, Belgrade Fair

Bringing The Construction Industry Together

Đoka Janjušević, Director, Tikkurila

Ahead Of Its Time

Construction Sector 2018

Leaders Of The Serbian Construction Sector

Dragan Golubović Ph.d.

Serbia’s EU Agenda Influences CSR Policies

Consider the abandoning of the use of plastic bags in Serbia as an important example of how the engagements of large companies in the domain of corporate social responsibility in the country moved from being purely philanthropic to become socially aware. Yet much more can still be done to push both large companies and SMEs towards being active in CSR

Bojana Rudović, Marketing Director at Bekament

Success is Greater if it is Shared

Carlsberg Srbija

For A Better Quality Life

Novo Nordisk

Circular Mindset

Marina Deleon, Communications Expert

Gifts With Meaning

Dušan Stokić, Director Of CCIS's Centre For Environmental Protection, Standards And Technical Regulations

Tax Breaks Would Encourage Donations

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Borderless Digital World

“We all need to be focused on answering the same question: how can we jointly ensure that the region benefits from these new digital opportunities” - Mariya Gabriel

Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union

“4 I’s” For Success

Mihailo Jovanović, Director of the Serbian Government Office for IT and eGovernment

Digitalisation Has Transformed Serbia Overnight

Jorgovanka Tabaković, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia

Region’s First Instant Payment System

Majo Mićović, General Manager Sky Express

Dedication & Knowledge

Marko Čadež, President of the CCIS, Chair of the Eurochambres Digitalisation Committee

We Continue to Support Digital Transformation

eWB Digital Transformation

A exclusive publication dedicated to the Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019, produced in cooperation with the Serbian Government Office for IT and eGovernment

Mladen Šarčević, Serbian Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development

Transferring Knowledge Is the Most Responsible Job

More than 600 experts have been working for 10 months already on a new strategy for education and science until 2030. Although it is...

Dragan Domazet PhD, Founder and Chancellor of Metropolitan University

Conformism is Pernicious

Aleksandar Sedmak Ph.d., Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade; Director of the Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade; Vice-president of ESIS; President of DIVK

The Economy Relies on Us

Zoran Bundalo Ph.d., Director, High Railway School of Vocational Studies, Belgrade

Our Time is Yet to Come

Milica Vukotić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies University of Donja Gorica, Podgorica

UDG is the University for the Future

Nataša Jovanović Lješković, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad

We Educate Future Leaders of the Profession


Enormous Opportunities to Improve Efficiency

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task – that is, eliminating energy wastage

Stevica Deđanski, State Secretary At The Ministry Of Mining & Energy

Insulated Buildings Save Up to 50% of Energy

EPS Improves Capacities

EPS Investments in Modern Energy

Dejan Marković, General Manager, Schneider Electric d.o.o.

Green is Good for Business

Miloš Banjac, PhD, ME, Assistant Minister, Department for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Led Bulbs Save Up to 80% of Energy

Indrustial Zones

Gordana Hašimbegović, Secretary-General of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Trade Association

Engines of Serbia’s Economic Growth

The establishment of industrial and free zones, as well as efficient management and sustainable development, are important prerequisites in the implementation of the development strategy for the Serbian economy, and are equally important both for local communities and the country as a whole

Dragan Kostić, Director of the Pirot Free Zone

Success Based on Highest Standards

Branislava Stojković Marčetić, Director of the Subotica Free Zone

Modern Operations for Top Results

Milan Selaković, President Of The Municipality Of Plandište

Gem Yet to be Discovered

Darko Bogosavljević, President Of Bela Crkva Municipality

From Tourism and Agriculture to Industrial Park and Good Infrastructure

Tomislav Ilić, Mayor Of Kraljevo

Ample Capacity For Development and Investments


Zorana Mihajlović PhD. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Turning Point for Serbian Infrastructure

The Government of Serbia is launching a new cycle of investment in infrastructure in 2019 that's worth more than five billion euros. Investing in new road, rail, water and air transport projects will strengthen Serbia's position as a transport hub of the region, placing the construction sector as the bearer of the country's economic growth and development

Miodrag Poledica, State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

New Investment Cycle = New Development Opportunity

Zvonimir Marković, Director of Srbija Autoput

Our Highways Are Safe

Nenad Tomić, Director Of The Highway Institute

We’re Working Full Steam Ahead

Stojan Rangelov, Director, Putevi Ivanjica

Our System is Complete

Lazar Radaković, Assistant Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, for Railways and Intermodal Transport

New Face of Serbian Railways

Infrastructure 2019

The Base Of Economic Development

Max Blumberg, Ph.d., Blumberg Partnership Founder, Visiting Professor at Leeds University Business School

People Analytics Vs. The Human Touch

Max Blumberg bridges the worlds of business performance and analytics to improve strategy execution, design powerful people processes and increase sales force effectiveness

Marina Mitić Jekić, HR Director, STADA CEE Region and Hemofarm a.d.

Dedication is Always Rewarded With Trust

Miroslav Vraneš, Account Executive, Dell Technologies

IT’s Main Product is Smarts

Olivera Gvozdenov, Managing Director, Ernst Klett Präsenzlernen Osteuropa Gmbh – Belgrade Branch

Learn and Apply Knowledge in Real Time

Ivan Bakić, HR Director, Nectar Group

We Proudly Nurture Our Winning Spirit

Sonja Ćetković, Director, Poslovi Infostud

Employer Branding – How to Begin

Human Resource Management in Serbia – 2019

Linking the HR Function With the Strategic Objectives of the Organization

Goran Trivan, Serbian Minister of Environmental Protection

Year Of Turnarounds

Serbia is awaited by a huge job in the years ahead when it comes to advancing environmental protection, and some of the most important moves will be made this year. We are in a position – with the support of not only the countries of the region but also the entire UNEP – for Serbia to be at the forefront and part of the most important initiatives in the fight for the health of the planet at the global, planetary level

Ivan Karić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Chapter 27 – The Most Technically Complicated

Branislava Jovičić, Centre for the Promotion of Sustainable Development

We Owe Planet Earth

Jelena Kiš, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Ball Corporation

Can – Packaging as the Most Important Environmental Ally

Jasmina Jović, Assistant Minister in the Sector for Nature Protection and Climate Change, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Protecting Nature & Applying Global Multilateral Agreements

Biljana Filipović-Đušić, Minister’s Deputy, Sector for International Cooperation and European Integration, Ministry for Environmental Protection

International Cooperation on Environmental Protection

Green Serbia 2019

The Environmental Movement In Serbia 2019

International Business

Zorana Mihajlović PhD, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport & Infrastructure

New Government Brings New Energy

I believe the new government will bring new energy and continue to implement reforms at an equally strong pace. My team and I will invest all the necessary energy, work and knowhow to connect Serbia with the region and the world. Another of our goals is for Serbia to enter the club of the world’s top 20 countries in terms of conditions for doing business

Goran Knežević, Serbian Economy Minister

We’ll Be Even More Attractive For Major Foreign Players

Dubravka Nègre, Head of EIB Regional Representation for the WB

Strongly Supporting Serbia’s Reform Path

Sebastian Sosa, IMF Resident Representative In Belgrade

It Is Too Early For Laurels

Daniel Berg, EBRD Director For Serbia

More Robust Growth Demands Further Reform

Marijana Vasilescu, CEO Of Sberbank Serbia

Proud Of Record Client Growth

13th Edition International Business Sector 2018

Over 40 of the highest political officials, foreign economic representatives and more than 2500 foreign companies, in one place

Dr Verica Lazić, Director of the National Health Insurance

Administration By Saving The Patients Also Get More

For the first ten months of 2016, the NHIA sent 544 insured individuals for treatment abroad, free in-vitro fertilisation was performed at as many as 16 health facilities, availability of drugs is at a satisfactory level, while patients' rights have been extended when it comes to rehabilitation

Professor Aleksandar N. Nešković, Chairman at the Clinic For Internal Medicine

Every Other Citizen Of Serbia Dies Of Cardiovascular Disease!

Dr Đorđe Bajec, General surgeon at the Bel Medic Hospital

Major Surgeries, Minor Incisions

Dr Igor Georgijev and Dr Lazar Pajević, Atlas General Hospital

Global Standards In Serbian Private Medical Practice

Dr Tanja Radenkov Micić, Eterna Medical System

Another Year Older, But Younger

Nađa Stupar, Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, Aqualab Plus

NIPT – Next Generation


Serbian Mining Fever

If it continues to develop at this pace, mining could contribute five per cent to GDP growth in Serbia. Is mining the ace up Serbia's sleeve?

Stevica Deđanski PhD, State Secretary, Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy

Last Year Saw 16 Million Tonnes of Ore Produced

Advancing Mining Within The EPS System

Efficiency & Quality In An Ecological Way

H.E. Sian Christina Macleod, UK Ambassador to Serbia

UK Among Mining Sector Change Leaders

Marnie Finlayson, General Manager of Rio Sava Exploration LLC

Investing In Change

Dundee Precious Metals Inc.

We’ve Invested 245 Million Dollars In Serbia

Zorana Mihajlović Ph.d., Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Construction Will Continue Driving Serbia’s Development After the Pandemic

The completion of major infrastructure projects and the launch of new ones, as well as the creation of a favourable legal framework governing construction,...

Obo Bettermann

Lightning Protection

Real Estate Turnover in Serbia

Sector On the Rise

Danilo S. Furundžić, Ph.D. Arch.

Investments Must Be Visionary

Branko Pejčić, Managing Director, Officeme

Instant Offices are the Future

Standards & Standardisation

Tatjana Bojanić, Acting Director Of The Institute For The Standardisation Of Serbia (ISS)

Serbian Standards at The European Level

The Institute for the Standardisation of Serbia (ISS) brings Serbian standards that are harmonised with international and European standards. The overall objective of ISS is to develop a national standardisation system that will enable it to successfully satisfy the needs of potential stakeholders in our country, as well as to create the conditions necessary to successfully integrate Serbia into the European Union


Lise Fuhr, Director General Of The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO)

Serving Customers At Best

The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) has represented Europe’s leading telecommunication companies since 1992. Today, the business of members has changed dramatically. They provide...

Dejan Turk, CEO Of Vip mobile

Investing In Customer Confidence

Petar Popović, Executive Director Of The Business Customer Division At Telekom Srbija

How Telekom Srbija Contributes To ICT Development?

Branko Mitrović, Executive Director Of Corporate Affairs At Telenor

Serbia Follows European Trends

Telecommunications in Serbia 2016

Innovation And Investments


Hypermobile Era

Tourism has always represented a societal response to the human need for well-being and personal development, through interaction with other people and the natural environment

Luštica Bay

A Seamless Chedi Experience

Est Adventure

Team Building In A Different Way

Radomir Samčević, Director of HT Agency

Guests Value Simplicity


Town Made to Measure

The Best Places 2019

The Best Places for Calm Autumn Sun

Zorana Mihajlović, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport & Infrastructure

Striding Towards Realising Our Vision

We have succeeded in changing the picture of infrastructure in the minds of citizens, who can today rest assured that Serbia can complete the largest and most complex projects. With such a foundation, we are this year embarking on a new investment cycle, which will help us move closer to our vision of Serbia becoming a transport hub in this part of Europe in all modes of transport

Transport Community Permanent Secretariat Opened in Belgrade

Transport Community Secretariat a Tool for Connecting the Region

John Pearson, CEO DHL Express

We Connect People Worldwide

Vladan Sekulić, General Manager, SP Lasta Belgrade

Lasta Drives to the Top Again

Dejan Trifunović, CEO and Owner of SDT Group

SDT is a Port for Young Experts

World Transport Overseas – WTO Serbia

Your Cargo is Our Concern

Transportation & Logistics Management 2019

Transportation & Logistics Management 2019

How To Choose The Wine That Suits You Best

In Vino Veritas

Often, many of us are caught in a situation where we are looking at a wine list, wanting to order a particular kind of wine, but without knowing what to look for. But to learn the basic knowledge necessary to order wine, it is enough to be familiar with just nine wine styles

Darko Jakšić, Head Of The Group For Wine Making at Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry & Water Management

Serbian Wines Are Distinguished By Their Quality And Specific Characteristics

Veselin Despotović, Founder Of The Association Of Wine Producers With Designation Of Geographical Indications Of Šumadija

Associating To Reach The International Market

Dejan Živkoski, President of the Serbian Sommelier Association (SERSA)

The Future Is In Autochthonous Varieties

Zoran Bekrić, Acting CEO at RUBIN

Let The Deeds Speak For Themselves

Zvonko Bogdan Winery

Message In A Bottle From Zvonko Bogdan Winery