Monday, October 22, 2018

H.E. Johannes Eigner, Austrian Ambassador To Serbia:

Remembering History – Creating The Future

If the leaders of France and Germany can meet for a joint commemoration (The end of World War I), it shouldn’t seem strange for Serbia and Austria to do the same. We already showed in 2014 that it is perfectly possible to address such a seemingly controversial subject in a joint approach with our Serbian counterparts when we organised an Austrian-Serbian exhibition under the slogan “remembering history – creating the future” - Ambassador Johannes Eigner

Marko Čadež, President Of The Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Of Serbia:

Austrian Investments Contribute To Serbia’s Competitiveness

Erika Teoman-Brenner, Commercial CounsellorAt The Embassy Of Austria In Belgrade:

We Seek New OpportunitiesFor Cooperation

Dejan Turk, Vip Mobile And A1 Slovenija CEO

Serbia Needs Investors Like Us

Melanija Pavlović, General Manager,Baumit Serbia D.O.O.:

Tradition With A Future

Vienna Ball Culture:

The Dance Of Six Steps

Austria – Partners 2017

Remembering History - Creating Future


H.E. Leo D’aes, Belgian Ambassador To Serbia:

Leaving The Door Open

Western Balkan countries which genuinely want to belong to the EU, and share and defend its basic values and political objectives, are being offered ample opportunities for implementing such a policy. The statement by German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, on a “Berlin Process reloaded” is only the latest example of the willingness of the EU and member states to continue extending a helping hand to those committed to the EU project – Leo D’Aes

Marijana Milošević Tufegdžić, Economic Counsellor At The Belgian Embassy:

A Satisfied Investor Is The Best Ambassador

Hugo van Veghel, Chairman Of The Belgian-Serbian Business Association:

Creating New ProspectsFor Cooperation

Belgium Carmeuse:

Belgium Investor Develops Regional Mining

Belgium 2017

Sharing Responsibilities Geared Towards The Future


Davor Romić, Croatian Agriculture Minister:

Croatia is Open to All Forms Of Cooperation

Serbia and Croatia were until recently members of the same community, integral parts of a single country, while today they are the closest of neighbours, who have good cooperation in various fields because there is mutual willingness and scope for cooperation

Luka Burilović, President of the Croatian Chamber of the Economy:

We Can Do Better

Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce:

Business is Like Water

H.E. Gordan Markotić, Croatian Ambassador to Serbia:

While There Are Neighbours, There Will Be Open Issues


Marija Radulović, President of the Croatian Business Club in Belgrade:

Busines speople Speak the Language of Cooperation

85. godišnjica Francuske ambasade u Beogradu ukras grada

Dok je grupa domaćih turista čekala da uđe u zgradu Francuske ambasade, u Pariskoj ulici u Beogradu duvao je vetar, ali nije bilo toliko hladno kao na koktelu priređenom na tom istom mestu decembra 1935. godine, prilikom svečanog otvaranja ove velelepne zgrade, sazidane dve godine ranije – 1933. Gradske dame tog vremena klizale su se u svojim cipelicama po venčačkom mermeru pridržavajući se za svoje pratioce u prijemnom holu kraj kapije, dok je napolju kiša lila, a pod se ledio stvarajući opasne probleme za gošće u obući sa potpeticama

NJ.E. Frederik Mondoloni, ambasador Francuske

Stogodišnjica jednog prijateljstva

Žan Batist Kizen, direktor Francuskog instituta u Srbiji:

Zajednička pričao prijateljstvu

Kristof Lekurtije, Generalni direktor agencije Biznis Frans:

Srbija je sve zanimljivije investiciono tržište

Dragoljub Damljanović, predsednik Francusko-srpske privredne komore:

Šansa koju treba iskoristiti

Sanja Ivanić, Generalna direktorka CCIFS:

Radujemo se svakom novom investitoru

Francuska – Srbija Partner 2018

Stogodišnjica jednog prijateljstva

David Lahl, Project Leader, Public Finance Reform

Sound Finances Key To SDG Implementation

The objective of the German Development Cooperation is to support the Serbian government in its efforts to improve good financial governance in the context of the 2030 Agenda. Adequate capacities to plan and execute budgets, as well as transparency, accountability and participation in budget processes, are crucial to the efficient implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia

German Investments Contribute Significantly to Serbia’s Economic Development

Dr Ronald Seeliger, President of AHK Serbia, CEO of Hemofarm

Profound Reforms Cannot Be Swift But Well Considered

H.E. Thomas Schieb, German Ambassador to Serbia

Scepticism Regarding Border Changes

Milan Krstić, Business Consultant, AHK

Faster Development With Expert German Assistance

Martin Knapp, Executive Member Of The AHK Serbien Board Of Directors

Re-industrialisation Key to Growth and Well-being

Germany – Serbia Partner 2018

Business Partner Germany

Nj. E. Elias Eliadis, Ambasador Grčke u Srbiji:

Novi podsticaji bilateralnim odnosima

Poznato je da se izuzetno dobri odnosi Grčke i Srbije zasnivaju na tradicionalno bliskim vezama dvaju naroda, koji su koračali zajedno u važnim momentima svoje istorije

Rita I. Lozinsky, Generalna Direktorka, Alumil Yu Industry A. D. Nova Pazova:

Širimo Poslovanje, Jer Klijenti To Očekuju

Lambis Kounalakis, Ministar savetnik, Šef odeljenja za ekonomske i trgovinske poslove u ambasadi Grčke u Srbiji:

Novi Impuls Bilateralnoj Saradnji

Hellenic Sugar Serbia:

The State To Incite Environment – Friendly Companies

SRBIZA Declares:

See You In Thessaloniki

H.E. Constantine Economides, Ambassador of Greece to Serbia:

True Friendship Despite Adversities

Grčka – Partner 2017

Tradicija, partnerstvo i prijateljstvo.

H.E. Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador Of India:

Open-Door Policy

India and Serbia have shared close bonds of friendship and cooperation and there are many commonalities in our culture, philosophy and traditions.We have supported each other in international fora. India-Serbia relations have seen a new high with the resumption of the tradition of high level visits and boost in multi sectoral cooperation. Bilateral trade has seen year on growth of 40%. I am confident that India and Serbia will continue to work together to re-energize and redefine political, cultural as well as trade & economic ties - H.E. Narinder Chauhan

H. E. Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador Of India To Serbia:

In Pursuit Of Harmony


The Engine Of Global Growth

H.E. Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador Of India To Serbia:

High Hopes For Serbia

H.E. Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador of India to Serbia

Traditional Closeness, Despite Geographical Distance

India Has to Play a Leading Role as Chairman at BRICS 2016 Summit:

Urgent Steps Needed to Strengthen Alternative Financial System

India 2018

India - Serbia: Sharing Close Bonds Of Friendship & Cooperation

H.E. Junichi Maruyama, Ambassador Of Japan To Serbia:

Changing The Image Of Serbia

Many Japanese people still think Serbia isn’t perfectly safe, due to the wars that the entire Western Balkan region went through in the 1990s. In that sense, the challenge for the Serbian side is to disseminate the correct information on Serbia to Japanese people for the purposes of erasing such a stereotyped image of Serbia. Please be assured that the Embassy of Japan in Serbia is always on your side – Junichi Maruyama

Radoš Gazdić, Acting Director Of The Development Agency Of Serbia (RAS):

Upswing Recorded In Serbian-Japanese Cooperation

Goran Pekez, President Of The Japanese Business Alliance In Serbia:

Our Cooperation Should Be Even Stronger

Kobayashi Hideya, Resident Representative, JICA Balkan Office:

SMEs – Essential For The Serbian Economy

Danijela Čabarkapa, Executive Director Of The Japanese Business Alliance In Serbia:

Bridge Between The Public And Private Sectors

Azhaiyp Kozhakhmetov, Operations Director, JT International A.D. (JSC) Senta:

Fusion Of Business And Philosophy

Japan – Partners 2018

Support When It's Most Needed

Montenegro Foreign Investors Council

Christoph Schoen

Accelerate Reforms

The pace of reforms, improvement of all aspects of the business environment and the competitiveness of the private sector all need to be enhanced. This is crucial for the country’s development

Dragica Sekulić, Montenegrin Economy Minister

Devoted To Reforms

Suzana Pribilović, Montenegrin Minister Of Public Administration:

Challenging Task

Duško Marković, Montenegrin Prime Minister:

Our NATO Accession Is Not Anti-Russian

Radoje Žugić, Governor Of The Central Bank Of Montenegro:

Fiscal Consolidation Strengthens Financial Position

Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council 2018

Foreign Invenstors Council 2018

Montenegro Business

Filip Vujanović, President Of Montenegro:

We Have Always Been Clear About Our Euro Path

By becoming the sovereign and internationally recognised state after the May referendum in 2006, we fulfilled the obligation to respect our history, but at the same time we secured valuable Euro and Euro Atlantic integrations and economic success. We are committed to attaining EU standards without burdening ourselves with its internal relations.

Filip Vujanović, President Of Montenegro

Affirm Good Neighbourly Relations in the Region

Marko Čadež and Safet Gërxhaliu, WB6

Western Balkan Six Chamber Investment Forum, Businesspeople Will Unify the Region

Although the establishment of the Chamber Investment Forum has shown itself to be a great move that's yielding tangible results in terms of increases level of trade and business cooperation, support from the governments of the region remains insufficient. We see one possible solution to this in the establishment of ministries for regional cooperation within each government, just as Nordic countries have regional cooperation ministers

H.E. Anders Christian Hougård Ambassador Of Denmark to Serbia

Goal Worth Fighting For

H.E. Pertti Juhani Ikonen Ambassador Of Finland to Serbia

Do Just As the Nordics Do

Anne Marie, Brady MD Scandinavian Design Group (SDG)

Time to Take Responsibility

H.E. Arne Sannes Bjørnstad, Ambassador Of Norway to Serbia

Further Attention Must Be Given to Information Security

Zdravko Počivalšek

Promising Partnership

As Serbia is adjusting to the regulatory requirements of the European market with determination, and EU accession is becoming a reality, Slovenia makes an ideal economic partner, given historical facts, the closeness of the market and knowledge of the language

H.E. Vladimir Gasparič, Ambassador Of Slovenia To Serbia:

Our Cooperation Is Constantly Improving

Marko Čadež, President Of The Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Of Serbia:

We’re Working & Progressing Together

Nj.E. Vladimir Gasparič, Ambasador Slovenije U Srbiji:

Berlinski proces nije utešna nagrada za Balkan

Danijela Fišakov, President Of The Slovenian Business Club:

Both Form & Heart

Metka Krašovec: 1941-april 2018, Painter:

Everything I Painted Relates To My Life

Slovenia 2018

First 15 Years Of The Slovenian Business Club In Serbia



Kako je Ikea postala simbol promena u Srbiji

Švedskoj se dopada to što je Srbija, baš kao i Švedska, odabrala sličan put kada je reč o politici bezbednosti – da pokušava da bude van vojnih blokova, dok je podjednako spremna i na saradnju sa drugim zemljama, u oblastima gde je to moguće. Švedska vidi Srbiju kao veoma odgovornog člana međunarodne zajednice i porodice EU i smatra da ona ima ključnu ulogu kada se govori o bezbednosti i stabilnosti na Zapadnom Balkanu

Švedska – Partner 2017

Prvih 100 godina diplomatskih odnosa Švedske i Srbije

H.E. Philippe Guex, Ambassador of Switzerland

The Power of a Referendum

One should not underestimate the political wisdom of the people. However, I admit that a referendum is not an easy democratic instrument to handle. The political elite must be mature enough to refrain from having a hidden agenda when holding a referendum – Philippe Guex

Majo Mićović, President Of The Swiss-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce, General Manager Of Sky Express D.O.O.

Ever Better Cooperation

Dragica Tomčić, Economic Attaché, Embassy Of Switzerland:

We Gladly Share Swiss Know-How

Ana Govedarica, Roche Serbia General Manager & SSCC Board Member:

New Medicines Available Quicker Than Ever

Ursula Läubli, Director Of The Swiss Cooperation Office Serbia, Counsellor At The Embassy Of Switzerland:

Swiss Model For Serbian Education

Ana Grujović, Director Of The Swiss-serbian Chamber Of Commerce, SSCC:

Dual Education – Among The Key Factors

Switzerland-Serbia Partner 2018

Serbia Will Remain A Priority Country For Swiss Cooperation In Eastern Europe

Jelena Pavlović, President Of The AmCham Board Of Governors, President Of The Board Of Directors Of Philip Morris International For Southeast Europe:

Stronger Institutions At The Core Of Reform Progress

To move forward with the reform agenda in an effective and sustainable manner, we need to strengthen the competence and efficiency of Serbian institutions. AmCham is ready and willing to partner the state in this endeavour

Carolina Hidea, Economic Counsellor Of The U.S. Embassy In Belgrade:

We Strongly Support Serbia’s Path Toward The EU

Azza El-Abd, USAID’s Mission Director For Serbia:

Helping Serbian Businesses To Thrive

Amalija Pavić, AmCham Deputy Executive Director:

Good Dialogue Moves Mountains

Vladimir Knežević, Country Managing Director, Oracle Serbia & Montenegro:

Safely Along The Path Of Digitalization

Mia Zečević, Director, Novaston Asset Management:

We Will Bring New Investors

USA – Partner 2018

Partners: Sharing Past & Future