Zoran Popović, General Manager, Centrosinergija

We Strive For Organisational And Operational Excellence

Over five years Centrosinergija has grown into a recognised distribution company that employs six hundred staff and supplies over 16,000 retailers in Serbia. Its dedicated work has received coveted recognition

Zoran Popovic

Centrosinergija received the prestigious Brand Leader Award 2017 in April this year.

What standards and procedures are required to receive such recognition?

– We won the award for the integrated management of our comprehensive distribution and logistics services, for our outstanding business results, constant investment in development, our professional and competitive attitude towards business and for our organisational and operational excellence. The award is important to us because it is a formal recognition of all our efforts and hard work to improve our organisation and business over the past five years.

Two years ago we signed a distribution agreement with British American Tobacco. Through our efforts, hard work and expertise we have proved that we are able to meet the high standards of one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world. This success has motivated us to continue improving our internal standards and procedures.

Centrosinergija provides logistics and transport services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, using a new distribution and logistics platform. What is it based on?

– We started providing logistics services in 2012 with the distribution of consumer goods, newspapers and magazines for our retail network MOJ KIOSK. We receive, store, sort, transport and deliver goods, newspapers and magazines every day of the year. To be able to do this for MOJ KIOSK in 137 municipalities we had to build a national logistics and distribution network consisting of a distribution centre in Belgrade and nine regional cross-docking points.

The specificity of our logistics platform is the synergy of the distribution of newspapers, magazines and consumer goods, which enables us to fully exploit our transport fleet, introduce other types of product and expand our business activities to large and small customers and local chains across Serbia.

We take pride in the fact that our professional journey on the Serbian market, which has lasted for over 20 years, has always been motivated by our wish to create new value for future generations

As a member of Moj Kiosk Group, Centrosinergija is dedicated to business ethics and corporate social responsibility. What is the essence of your CSR?

– The concept of corporate social responsibility nowadays ranges from a company’s humanitarian activities to responsible investment in general ‒ responsible to society and to future generations. The leaders of Moj Kiosk Group, the corporate system of which Centrosinergija is a part, used to lead Doncafe and Centroproizvod. Their business decisions are made with an awareness of great responsibility towards 3,500 staff and their families, local businesses and social communities, customers, suppliers and creditors.

One of the longstanding problems in newspaper publishing is the distribution of daily subscriptions. Do you expect suitable solutions in this area?

– The digital transformation of society has solved this problem to an extent. The trend is to move subscriptions online, where there is no additional cost for the reader. The distribution of daily subscriptions to legal entities is still functioning but new trends are visible here too. New-generation managers are more likely to read the news on their favourite websites before they go to bed than in a newspaper waiting on the desk in the morning.