Velimir Kuzmanović, CEO, NTS Int

NTS Applications Save Time & Fuel

NTS International is a company that’s spent more than 16 years developing and delivering customised software solutions to support the managing of transport and logistics operations. Operating from five centres, NTS INT has more than 50 employees, while its database includes over 2000 companies specialising in various areas

Under conditions of pronounced fluctuations in fuel prices, reduced traffic safety and high levels of pollution, it is essential that transport and logistics processes receive high-quality support that ensures the visibility of fleet operations and other activities in real time. That very support is provided for many companies by NTS solutions.

Accelerated digitalisation requires that companies adapt rapidly. How do NTS solutions help companies remain competitive on the market?

– We create all solutions under our own direction, from analysis of project requirements, via design and implementation, to testing and maintenance. These are modular solutions, with the possibility of being upgraded and integrated into other software solutions. They are intended for all companies, regardless of their core area of activity or the number and type of vehicles they own.

The full visibility of fleet operations and other transport activities – in real time and via historical overviews – that’s provided by NTS solutions supports managers in their decision- making processes, operational planning and management, optimisation, analytics and the control of transport and logistics processes.

All data is available on the NTS Desktop, NTS Mobile and [email protected] applications, which you can access at any time and wherever you happen to be from a computer, mobile phone (Android and iOS platforms) or other mobile device, which is particularly important today, when we often work from home and out of the office. NTS also constantly monitors trends in the fields of IT and logistics, developing new solutions that you can get informed about via our website and social media accounts.

NTS constantly monitors trends in the fields of IT and logistics, developing new solutions that you can get informed about via our website and social media accounts

Pronounced fluctuations in fuel prices, reduced traffic safety and high levels of pollution are just a few of the challenges faced on a daily basis. Does NTS also have a response to handle them?

– The NTS Fleet management system enables the measuring and monitoring of the amount of fuel in a vehicle’s tank in real time, thanks to a device installed in the vehicle that’s connected to its on-board computer. Data related to the time, place and amount of fuel poured into a tank assists fleet managers in determining if it is really the amount of fuel paid for. Similarly, the moment fuel registers as being withdrawn from a tank, our system informs the manager and thus enables them to react in a timely manner.

Another NTS application enables route planning and the identifying of the best routes to desired locations. The additional ability to send route plans with simple instructions to drivers on their mobile devices reduces the number of kilometres traversed, which has a direct impact on reducing fuel consumption and savings on transportation costs.

It is necessary to pay special attention to drivers whose conduct determines the safety of all road users. A driver’s specific driving style can have a significant impact on damage to vehicle components and increased fuel consumption, which is a direct cause of harmful emissions. With the aim of reducing fuel costs and extending vehicle longevity, while at the same time ensuring socially responsible behaviour in the area of environmental protection, we created the NTS Driver Score solution, with which companies motivate their drivers to change their bad driving habits.

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