Muamer Ragipović, Executive Director for SEE at Eyemaxx

To European Standards

New large scale construction in Novi Banovci by EYEMAXX Logistic Centre Belgrade will enable leaseholders to expand their storage capacities

EYEMAXX Real Estate AG is a real estate company with a long-standing successful track record, focussing on residential properties in Germany and Austria. In addition, EYEMAXX also realises nursing homes in Germany and realizes commercial properties in the CEE / SEE region.

In the company’s recent past its corporate strategy has also included developing urban districts in Germany.

EYEMAXX’ business activities take a dual-pronged approach. These include high-margin projects and also the continued expansion of its stocks of let commercial properties, which generate ongoing rental income and thus constant cash flows. In so doing, EYEMAXX uses the expertise offered by its experienced management team together with a strong team of real estate professionals, and also a well-established and broad network which opens up additional access to attractive properties and projects. The current project pipeline has thus been expanded to around EUR 975 million.

The headquarters of EYEMAXX Real Estate AG is located in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Operative activities are carried out in Leopoldsdorf near Vienna. The EYEMAXX Group is represented by branch offices and project offices in all countries with active projects like Germany, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. EYEMAXXEYEMAXX Logistics Centre Belgrade in Novi Banovci is situated in an excellent location, along the international motorway E-75, only 20km from the centre of Belgrade and 50km from Novi Sad. Only 15km away lies Nikola Tesla Airport. These facts are definitely important for easier placement of goods across the region”, says Muamer Ragipović, EYEMAXX managing director for Serbia to CorD magazine.

“LogMaxx Alpha of 18,000m2 and LogMaxx Beta of 30,000m2 are modern equipped storage halls, built according to the latest standards and respecting all urban, construction and environmental standards. With integrated ESFR sprinkler systems, mobile platforms, loading ramps, state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and security systems for prevention and enabling quick and efficient response. Reputable leaseholders have moved into the premises.

“We are especially proud to have one of the most modern refrigerator units in Europe operating in the region of 0-4 degrees Celsius. The leaseholders have parking spaces available with a total area of 10,000 m2”, says Ragipović.

“The centres have been built according to standards applied in the EU. This also applies to all the equipment that is installed and available to our current and future lessees. The capacity of the parking area is also important, both for leaseholders and for all users of Logistic Centre Belgrade’s services.

“Good ideas should not be changed, so EYEMAXX is starting to build LogMax Gamma, in which around EUR 15 million will be invested. The building has an area of 22,000 m2 and will be built according to the tried-and-tested EYEMAXX brand for the construction of logistics centres, which has been used in several facilities throughout various European countries.

“Thanks to modern equipment and the type of construction, we are able to meet our leaseholders practically on all issues and requirements in accordance with specific business conditions. We will soon be able to offer an independent ADR warehouse whose construction is planned. Here we should certainly bear in mind the fact that existing ADR warehouses on our market have extremely low capacities and as such are deficient, so in this specific area we can display one more advantage over the competition.”

Speaking about the price of the lease, he notes that the price of renting business premises is not fixed, but it depends on the specific demands of the leaseholders.

When it comes to plans, Ragipović points out that because of its large-scale land reserves nearby the Novi Banovci Logistic Centre EYEMAXX is in a position to build considerably more logistic premises at such site in Novi Banovci, which will allow all clients an additional extension and make EYEMAXX even more advantageous on the Serbian market.

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