Nenad Zdravković, Director of Sales and Business Development at Milšped

Logistics Move Life And Connect People

“Milsped’s example is one of many, with presence in each of regional countries and opportunity to extend market without intermission of politics on defined business activities and future plans,” says Nenad Zdravković, Director of Sales and Business Development at Milšped, speaking in this interview for CorD

Founded 23 years ago, Milšped is today among the leading companies in the region dealing with warehousing, transport and customs representation. Company employees and management are particularly proud of the number of integrated services they boast in the domain of warehousing and distribution. Nenad Zdravković sees this segment of operations as one of the advantages of his company, explaining why it is more profitable for a company to store their goods with Milšped than to invest in their own warehouse.

– One part of the argumentation for entering the warehouse of a logistics provider instead of investing in one’s own capacities is the professionalisation of the process. Collating the needs of different clients is Milšped’s greatest strength, along with the greater flexibility of our warehouse system.

Quite simply, we adapt to changes easily and quickly, due to independence that enables us to work with more clients. What is especially good are reduced logistical costs, due to constant optimisation of space and resources in response to varying demands, while we are contractually obliged towards our clients to introduce KPI reports and monitor all logistics parameters.

The applying of technological innovations in our company’s everyday operations is precisely why our clients place their trust in us

You do business globally and are among the top players in the region. To what extent does political turbulence in the region impact on your business?

– As you stated in the question itself, Milšped is now a multinational company operating in international frameworks and is part of global logistics with a vision to extend operations and market, with a focus on EU countries.

Political turbulence and culture in the region are changing continuously, all depends on internal circumstances and necessity of daily politic, as a part of the unique environment in the last 20 years (or more). I believe, that true business overcame these political conditions many years ago. Milsped’s example is one of many, with a presence in each of regional countries an opportunity to extend market without intermission of politics on defined business activities and future plans. Our clients treat the region as one unique market, open for their operations and people of similar requests, habits and culture.

As we would like to say, Logistics move life and connect people. We truly believe in our motto, and this is one of the reasons for our presence in the region, without boundaries from the perspective of a logistics company.

To what extent does your domain of business monitor technological innovations that the companies using your services must adapt to in order to survive?

– As a leader in logistical services in the region, we base most of our services on the use of modern ICT solutions: Telematics and GPS systems in the field of transport, RF networks and terminals in warehousing, PDAs and Route Planning systems in distribution etc. Considering that electronic data exchange is something without which modern business in our industry cannot be imagined, we have a lot of experience in this segment and currently have over 250 customer engagements around the world.

Something very interesting we are currently working on is digital collaboration platforms with clients, in order for us to provide – in addition to data exchange and document exchange – advanced graphical tracking of shipments in real time.