Ljubomir Lazarević, Managing Director, Across Company

Air Cargo World

Apart from organised transportation for export shipments, Across Company organises collections of goods purchased abroad and secures their transportation to the final destination. This implies transport to Belgrade, but also transports from third countries to destinations anywhere around the world

We help our clients, both in the country and abroad, to obtain the required documentation, including permits, guarantees, certificates and everything needed to ensure safe transport. Thanks to that, we can also organise the transport of sensitive goods, explains Across Company MD Ljubomir Lazarević.

As a representative of Across Company, which is a leader in this line of business, could you tell us more about the transport of goods by plane? – Our experience shows us that the plane is a very powerful resource when it comes to international transports of all kinds of cargo. It is a mistaken opinion to suggest that Serbia, as a small country, lacks possibilities to transport cargo by air, as is ordinarily done in the so-called developed world. It is only with air transport that you can today promise that a shipment with important contents, or a shipment for an exhibition set to start the next day on another continent, will indeed be on that other continent by tomorrow.

There’s no congestion on the roads, no waiting at borders, no need to traverse five customs controls from the airport of departure to the airport of final destination.

Does the large number of airlines served by Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport enable goods to be sent by plane to countless destinations around the world?

– Air Serbia has a large number of international flights. With airlines, as contractual partners, there’s no destination that can’t be covered from Belgrade with Air Serbia. What is even more interesting is that all freight forwarding costs, for any destination and with any airline, can be paid in dinars. This includes air transportation from airport to airport and local transportation from/to the address of the sender/recipient.

All freight forwarding costs for any destination, including air transportation from airport to airport and local transportation to the address of the recipient, can be paid in dinars

We can organise transports of sensitive goods that require specific temperature conditions, transports of medicines, fresh agricultural products, hazardous substances, live animals, pets, animals for zoos and chics aged up to 72 hours. We also have experience with charter transports of live monkeys for the Torlak Institute, transporting vaccines from Torlak for the entire world, a unique transport of a pair of rhinos from Zimbabwe to the Belgrade Zoo and a charter transport of breeding heifers, transports of cars and various types of equipment. We participated in the organisation of the event “Around the world by car in eight days” by providing charter transports for about 100 cars, on the same day, in three cargo planes, along the route from Belgrade airport to the next destination, where participants used their cars to continue travelling by road.

Transporting by air is considered by many to be an expensive way of transporting goods. Is that really the case?

– Air transport is an expensive form of transport, particularly for users who opt to use aircraft at the last minute in order to meet an agreed delivery time. However, if air transport was calculated and included in the price of the product, then it is a price like any other transport cost. Unfortunately, little is known about air cargo transportation and air cargo is rarely mentioned in economic and transport stories.

You will hear stories every day about new planes, new airports, runways, gates, passenger numbers and luxury lounges, but no one mentions cargo. The Morava Airport in Lađevci, Kraljevo, could be a nice story on the topic of cargo transportation. Fortunately, the Across Company office and headquarters are located in the building of the Cargo Centre at Nikola Tesla Airport, and our “air cargo world” is present on all sides.


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