Ivan Milićević, Head Of Innovation & Development Of Logistics, Nelt

Strategic Acceleration Through Development Of Logistics And Regional Connectivity

The connectivity degree of countries in the region, which essentially implies the flow of people and goods, is a key development parameter. Individual markets have limited capacity and can achieve better optimisation and efficiency only if they are integrated logistically

Despite global challenges in the field of transport, logistics and supply chains, Nelt’s results are impressive. Mr Ivan Milićević speaks with CorD Magazine about development plans, how to realise them and how important company values are for achieving common goals.

Why is it more important to you how you achieve your business success than what the numbers show?

– That’s a question of personal integrity and responsibility, which in turn is the basis of the company’s integrity. How something was achieved, not just what was achieved. Success comes as a result of agreeing not to compromise on core values. Values define how we treat each other, our customers and partners, together with the company itself and the local community.

That is why our strategy named Accelerate 2025, which aims to improve business in terms of distribution, logistics and Nelt’s brands, is based on a healthy organisation and values.

Five years ago you opened your intermodal terminal in Dobanovci. Has it met your expectations and is there a need to expand its capacity?

– Over these five years, we have overcome many challenges and learned a lot, and Nelt’s Intermodal Terminal, or dry port as it is increasingly called, has become synonymous with the connection of Belgrade, Serbia and the region with global logistics points, ports in the Far East and around the world, showing Nelt’s impact on developing our surroundings.

After continuous investment in our Intermodal Terminal in Dobanovci, we are rapidly preparing to open a new dry port that we will make available to industry in Serbia and the whole region, together with our partners

Our expectations have been met, exceeded even. That is why, after the latest investment in expanding the capacity of the Dobanovci intermodal terminal, we are rapidly preparing to open a new dry port that we will make available to industry in Serbia and the whole region, together with our partners.

The campaign for collective transport Serbia- Montenegro and Serbia-North Macedonia is underway. What does this service provide?

– Nelt’s regular road transport routes between our logistics centres in Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro improve market connectivity and meet the needs for the transport of small quantities of goods. We receive shipments from clients every day from any location in Serbia. Collective transport is organised for Montenegro three times a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and for North Macedonia once a week, on Thursdays.

We also organise fast customs clearance in Danilovgrad, Podgorica and Skopje. Delivery is within 24h/48h from the day of customs clearance, throughout the territory of Montenegro and North Macedonia. The goods are insured during the entire journey, so anyone using this service does not have to worry about the truck, insurance, papers, customs.

Nelt has decided to install solar power plants at most of its facilities. Where are you with these?

– The construction of solar power plants is one of the strategic initiatives that we are carrying out now. We are currently designing and building solar power plants with a total capacity of 4,800kW, that’s 4.8MW on facilities in Serbia and 300kW in North Macedonia, a total of approximately 5MW.

Nelt Group will continue building solar power plants with the priority goal of covering its entire electricity consumption, through a buyer-producer model. We look forward to changes in legislation that will enable even greater improvements and further investment in facilities for the production of energy from renewable sources.

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