September - Ideal For Holidays, But Also For The Start Of New Business Cycles

Holiday In The Waning Of Summer

Thanks to its more pleasant temperatures, reduced crowds, but also lower prices, people are increasingly opting to take their summer holidays in September. And while tourists enjoy all the benefits of summer’s twilight, reservations at hotels and hospitality facilities are greatly sought after

Holiday In The Waning Of Summer Massage

If you still haven’t taken your annual leave and plan to do so in September or October, there are at least five reasons why these months are the most suitable for real rest and relaxation. That’s especially so for those families that don’t have school-aged children, or for youngsters whose school days are behind them – these months are an ideal time to go on holiday.

For people who seek peace, flee from crowds, get irritated that there are no places on the beach for their towels, the summer months can be a huge excursion, while the end of the summer, with autumn on the horizon, offers them everything they need for a proper break. If we add to all of that the fact that there is more space on the roads and planes, in hotels and restaurants, with shorter delays at the borders… it is clear why people are increasingly choosing to holiday in September, and even October.

Luxury destinations often advertise their greatest discounts in late summer and early autumn. You can find great September discounts even for places where you always wanted to go but were hindered by the exorbitant costs of transport and accommodation.

While September is already announcing autumn, the climatic conditions of this period can lead to the weather being really wonderful. For those who want to escape the heat of summer and relax in moderate and still pleasant temperatures of water and land, September is an ideal time.


September is the right time for relaxation and rest. All those who are eager for good times and “craziness” at the seaside have largely gone home by then, so you’re guaranteed the peace and tranquillity you’ve been waiting all year.

Serbia has no sea, but it does have increasingly interesting contents in cities, villages, mountains… which you can enjoy only in September. These are lots of out-of-season activities that will enrich your recollections.

In recent times, July and August, as the hottest months of the year, have ceased to be the only synonyms for summer and sea. Moreover, many people complain at that time about the unpleasant and oppressive heat and crowds that ever-increasing, so in popular resorts “it’s as though there’s no place for everyone”.

Observing from that perspective, June has already become “full” as standard, while those who holiday during September are full of praise.

On the other hand, those who embark on summer adventures in early or mid-September are said to “profit” the most. Of course, not only financially. Their experiences speak more than figures, and travel agencies claim that this month “goes” first.

September is the right time for relaxation and rest. All those who are eager for good times and “craziness” at the seaside have largely gone home by then, so you’re guaranteed the kind of peace and tranquillity you’ve been awaiting all year.

You will feel like that piece of sunshine belongs only to you and that you aren’t sharing it with anyone.

September is also the ideal month for people who have certain health problems, but of course not only for them. It is known that this part of the year favours cardiac patients the most. Less moisture and evaporation is also a welcome factor for those suffering from respiratory problems.

Although the sun is milder in September, this principle should be valid until the end of the whole season. Doctors mostly recommend walks beside the sea, breathing fresh air and swimming in saltwater, which is an elixir for many health problems.

Furthermore, most viruses are transmitted on crowded beaches where many people come into close contact. And all water is cleaner when there are fewer bathers. Women most commonly say that it is “a sin to traverse such a distance and not buy anything”.

Many disagree with them but sometimes envy them. Believe it or not, out of season, right on the seaside, you can do your autumn shopping. Many retail outlets and large shopping centres – if they have them in a certain place – will release their autumn collections at the end of August, and do so at considerably reduced prices, as they are aware that they can thus attract plenty of tourists. That’s why you can often hear women boasting of how they bought their boots precisely at the seaside.

If you still haven’t taken your annual leave and plan to do so in September or October, there are many reasons why these months are the most suitable for real rest and relaxation

The experiences of tourists in recent years have shown that lower temperatures do not necessarily mark this period. On the contrary, above-average temperatures marked the years behind us, and the autumn rain that everyone expects have been falling with significantly reduced intensity. In coastal areas, sea temperatures are satisfactory for swimming even a few months out of season, and rain, if it does come, can only come as a refreshment.

Is it not romantic to swim and enjoy the water while fine rainfalls?

You can take your summer holidays in any part of the Mediterranean until the end of September without any problems.

Daily temperatures range up to around 27°C during September, while evenings are somewhat fresher. If it’s cooler or raining during the day, you can take trips to explore some interesting sights.

If you want to holiday in the immediate neighbourhood, the Adriatic Sea is warm in September, only a few degrees cooler than during July and August. As there are no large crowds, the beaches are cleaner, as is the sea itself.

September is an ideal month for city breaks, spa visits, sailing along rivers and visiting cultural and historical monuments. Whichever of these you choose, you won’t be mistaken. In September it is far more pleasant to walk, sail, fish or practice any sporting and recreational activities that you enjoy.


While summer breaks are coming to an end, a new tourist cycle begins – based on business travel. City hotels, in good locations and intended for the world of business, are actually just launching their latest business activities in September and October. After holidays across most parts of Europe in August, the business now gets into its new rhythm. It is, therefore, no surprise that a fairly large number of hotels have already filled their bookings for this early autumn period. Fairs and congresses are already marked in hotel calendars, along with individual business meetings. For hotel managers in cities, the business season is just beginning!