Antonio Passarella, Country Manager, Ericsson Serbia

5g Can Boost Economic Growth

Ericsson is a world leader in 5G technology, with 136 commercial agreements and 83 live 5G networks in 41 countries. Ericsson is also a 5G technology leader in Serbia, as the first company to demonstrate the fastest internet connection via its pilot 5G network back in 2018

The recent pandemic has highlighted the critical role of fast, reliable, ubiquitous connectivity for our economy and for our lives, hence the strategic importance of further accelerating the deployment of 5G in Serbia.

Why is 5G so important for Serbia?

5G is unfolding faster than any other mobile technology. In just two years, 153 operators in 64 countries have launched commercial 5G networks, and the number of commercially available 5G devices (smartphones, TV sets, laptops, robots, drones etc.) has exceeded 400!

With its unique capabilities (speed, latency, capacity, security etc.), 5G is a highly flexible, open innovation platform that can accelerate digital transformation and economic growth. Most countries around the world consider 5G as being critical national infrastructure and they are racing for faster deployment across their territory. According to a 2021 report by Analysys Mason exploring the costs and benefits of 5G geographical coverage, Europe’s GDP can benefit by 250 billion euros with the full rollout of 5G.

5G also has social and environmental benefits: it can accelerate rural connectivity, enhance Serbia’s public services (healthcare & hospitals, public safety, smart airports/ transport/public buildings/education etc.), and reduce environmental impacts.

Ericsson has the best performing 5G technology that can help Serbian operators make the smoothest transition to 5G

What is Ericsson’s role in 5G?

With 136 commercial agreements and 83 live 5G networks in 41 countries, over six million 5G-ready radios delivered, and over 57,000 granted patents to date, Ericsson is a world leader in 5G technology. We’ve been working, since 2015, with different industries across the world (factories, mines, airports, utilities, the health sector, public safety etc.), mobile operators and academic institutions on the development and validation of numerous 5G use cases.

Ericsson is also a 5G technology leader in Serbia, as the first to demonstrate the fastest internet connection via our pilot 5G network back in 2018. 5G can boost Serbia’s economic growth by accelerating its digital transformation and the transition to an environmentally neutral, export-orientated economy. Ericsson has the best performing 5G technology that can help Serbian operators make the smoothest transition to 5G, and we are committed to leading this effort.

How secure is 5G?

5G is the most secure mobile network generation, with security built-in from the start, as an integral part of the standardisation process. This is crucial, as 5G is becoming the “nervous system” of our society and critical national infrastructure enabling digitalisation, automation and connectivity between people, machines, robots, cars etc. With billions of connected objects around us and new types of applications, 5G networks need to be highly resilient, secure and able to protect an individual’s right to privacy.

Ericsson is leading 5G network security through our Security Reliability Model (SRM).In order to fully safeguard end-user security over 5G networks, a holistic approach is needed that addresses all four pillars of network security: 1) Telecom standardisation; 2) Vendor product development; 3) Network configuration & deployment; and 4) Network operations.

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