Nataša Jovanović Lješković, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad

We Educate Future Leaders of the Profession

The Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad, the only accredited private Faculty of Pharmacy in Serbia, operates within the framework of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. Our aim is to become recognised as a faculty which sets standards in the education of healthcare professionals for the 21st century

The study programmes of the college are designed in accordance with European education standards and the needs of both the market and the profession. Students receive, on the one hand, a good foundation in knowledge, i.e. high-quality, currently relevant and innovative curriculum content, while on the other hand they have an optimal combination of theory and practise, as well as some additional skills.

Your college was founded in 2012. What do all your programmes encompass today?

Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad– The Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad, is the only accredited private faculty of pharmaceutical sciences in Serbia and has existed since 2012, when its integrated academic programmes of pharmacy and pharmaceutical-medical biochemistry in Serbian and English were accredited. In the meantime, we’ve also accredited vocational healthcare studies, specialist academic studies in cosmetology, and a Ph.D. programme.

Your aim is to be recognised as a college that sets standards in the education of healthcare professionals for the 21st century…

– We live in a world that’s changing rapidly, with digital transformation taking hold in every segment of society, and thus also the healthcare profession. We are aware that today’s generations of young people need to be educated for many jobs that are yet to emerge.

Many of our professors are science Ph.D.s who have practical experience, so students can learn a lot about real-life situations from them

That’s why our goal is to prepare students for the jobs of the future, on the one hand by providing them with a sound basis in knowledge, i.e. high-quality, current, innovative teaching contents and, on the other hand, an optimal combination of theory and practise, as well as some additional skills.

Like other leading higher education institutions around the world, have you also placed an accent on practical skills?

– Yes, of course, we want to strike a good balance between theory and practise, and to educate generations of future healthcare professionals who will have a sound knowledge base, but also the ability to learn and connect in a real, professional environment. At the faculty we have a lot of hands-on teaching, which is conducted in small groups, thereby stimulating students to adopt functional learning and connect information. Then, through the career guidance programme, students have an opportunity already during their studies to acquaint themselves with accomplished professionals and hear about professional opportunities and professional development. Moreover, through the compulsory subject of Professional Work Placement Practise, students can realise their practise in various sectors of their profession, such as pharmacies, hospitals, the industry, marketing and companies that deal with clinical research.

How did your slogan “Faculty tailored to students, faculty of opportunities, faculty of the future” emerge?

– Our motto is to be a college tailored to the student and to individualise and adapt the teaching process as much as possible. In addition to being available to them, we also know our students well. We introduced a concept of mentoring in which it is possible for the mentor to regularly monitor students and their progress, as well as their needs and talents.

The healthcare profession offers many opportunities and we are proud of the fact that our students already have the opportunity to learn about the possibilities of the profession. We have a dynamic, ambitious team which is motivated for an educational opportunities and to provide a solid foundation for our students with aim to become responsible healthcare professionals ready for the challenges and market of the 21st century. 

Professor Nataša Jovanović Lješković, Ph.D, Dean Of The Facuty Of Pharmacy, Novi Sad

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