Prof Miodrag Jevtić, Dsc(Med), Rector of Megatrend University

Three Decades At The Very Top

Megatrend University has been the leading private university in Central and south-eastern Europe for three decades, offering students the best learning facilities and infrastructure and the 21st century expertise

Prof Miodrag Jevtić, Dsc(Med), Rector of Megatrend University

The University follows the trend of accrediting the latest study programmes and cooperating with universities worldwide through various programmes and projects. This is our answer to the challenges of globalisation, says the new Rector of Megatrend University.

Congratulations on your appointment. What can you announce as the new Rector of Megatrend University?

– Hard work and extraordinary achievements in strengthening higher education have been the key characteristics of Megatrend University for decades. Neither subjective nor objective factors have undermined our mission. Thousands of students who have completed any of the three levels of academic studies at our university and taken on responsible jobs in our country and across the globe know the truth.

I believe that we should respect achievements, events and people, learn from them and move on, rather than constantly start anew whatever the cost. I believe that success requires continuity and constant improvement and this is why I have accepted the challenging office of Rector of Megatrend University.

This year, Megatrend University is celebrating 30 years since its establishment. How much has it contributed to change in the Serbian education system?

– Thirty years is not a short time for a human being, let alone for a big system with significant social responsibility.

I do not want to glorify our many awards and accolades but they do motivate us and confirm that we are on the right track, following global trends and giving our maximum contribution to the academic community. Let our achievements, our work in education and the attention and understanding we get from our friends and our students’ parents speak for themselves.

Megatrend University uses all its potential, experience and widespread international cooperation to recognise our country’s greatest challenges

In addition, we are an equal participant in the Serbian University Conference, where we are recognised as an institution that is ready to incorporate all of its resources in the higher education system of our country.

Is it true that young people today prefer having lucrative jobs to doing what they truly love? With this in mind, which of your 12 faculties is the most attractive?

– We have resolved firmly to build a society based on knowledge and digitalisation, as global imperatives, which clearly demonstrates our wish to make expertise and applied knowledge widespread and accessible.

We use a multidisciplinary approach, including the Megatrend Forum, to try and understand our international position, security, economic and social development, education, the preservation of culture, language and national identity because all this concerns our future. I think that all our 12 faculties are attractive enough.

We understand young generations and their orientation towards the rational needs and requirements of modern society. If young people continue to leave the country and seek fortune abroad, we will see it as our own failure.

Does the labour market recognise the value of the professionals educated at Megatrend University?

– The fact that many of our students find jobs as early as the 3rd or 4th year of their bachelor studies, and that our Alumni Club is comprised of a great number of successful people from all segments of life, speaks of the quality we provide. We are grateful to them for not forgetting where the foundations of their careers have been laid.