Goran Cvetanović Phd, Mayor Of Leskovac

Best In The Region For Investment

When a city meets the highest international standards of good business environment with almost maximum results, which makes it one of the most successful local governments in the entire region, then you know that starting a business there is a secure investment.


Since the establishment of the business friendly certification programme and its expansion to the region of Southeast Europe (BFC SEE), the City of Leskovac has confirmed that it has developed an administration that offers services to existing businesses and potential investors. This year, we obtained our fourth certificate, fulfilling over 96% of the criteria, and in six of the 10 criteria we had top marks. Together with the municipality of Gradiška in BiH, this is the best result in the entire region.


In 2012, Leskovac began to address its development systematically. A Local Employment Action Plan was prepared and a functional office for local economic development was established, in charge of communication with existing companies and potential investors. In attracting investment, the city was guided by the recommendations of the BFC programme and we targeted investors from the industries in which we have the greatest potential. That is the reason why there is a number of investments in the automotive (South Korean Jura, British Aptiv and Greek Autostop), textile (Turkish Jeans, German Falke and domestic Bim tex) and construction industries (IGM Mladost and Terastil). When it comes to local investors, DCP Hemigal stands out. Another strong point of Leskovac is our unique touristic offer – gastronomic events such as the great annual barbecue festival Rostiljijada, and local specialties such as barbecue and ajvar, in addition to famous sights: the small hydroelectric power plant in Vučje (the second oldest in Serbia), Caričin Grad, the Textile Industry Museum and many others.


Large investments and a well-developed economy would certainly not have come about if the City of Leskovac had not created optimal infrastructure for business, with a special emphasis on the construction of a gas pipeline, the central wastewater treatment plant and city collector, the newly equipped industrial zone, the regional sanitary landfill at Željkovac and Barje water system. The strategic position of the city on Corridor 10 is also important, it is less than three-hour-drive away from Belgrade and Sofia by motorway, and four hours from the sea in Thessaloniki. To provide investors with the best conditions, the city can offer urban construction land free of charge, exemption or reduction of fees for preparing construction land, exemption for certain large, medium, or small legal entities and sole traders from paying municipal charges to establish a company.

Economic Measures Soften Local Effects Of Crisis

National economic policies have had a strong impact on mitigating the consequences of the pandemic, both throughout Serbia and locally. In that sense, it is important to point out the speed with which our economy adapts to new circumstances, and as a doctor, I would like to emphasize that Serbia takes the lead in vaccination. A measures that I think would be relevant in these circumstances is a greater incentive for domestic investors, primarily small and medium enterprises, because it would contribute to economic activity and employment.

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