Nikola Jelkić, Deputy Director, Putinvest

A Reliable Partner For Two Decades

Putinvest, a company for road studies, design and engineering, celebrates this year two decades of successful work. They welcome the anniversary with an enviable reputation and excellent business results

We act responsibly in all areas of business, we take care of both the client and our staff, we cultivate environmental and community awareness, and we are part of a global business community that is guided by internationally recognised principles and values – this is the message from Putinvest.

How was it when you started, and how is it today?

Although every beginning is uncertain and difficult because it is unknown territory, in 2003 we started with a lot of self-confidence, something that still gives us the opportunity for personal and professional development.

The company was founded by engineers who at that time had extensive experience and major references behind them, so from the start we aimed for the highest quality in the services we provide. Over time, we strengthened our position on the market and became recognised as a responsible and professional partner.

Multidisciplinarity is not only inevitable in the world of innovation, it also appears in every project we work on. That’s why we believe that the structure of our team, which is made up of engineers from a range of specialties, is important for high-quality and efficient implementation of projects.

The key goal of every project we work on is a positive impact on both our clients and the end users

Also, all our young engineers are supported by experienced colleagues who pass on their valuable experience to them. We are recognised on the market as a responsible and professional partner, and for the projects we have carried out.

Would you say that your best references are the roads and infrastructure in whose construction you participated?

Since we make technical documentation for traffic surfaces with accompanying utilities and provide consulting services in this field (design review, technical acceptance, project management, etc.) and as we have extensive experience in work on all types of traffic artery (streets, highways, wind farms, roads within complexes and facilities, etc.), our projects have a major economic and social impact on the entire community.

The key goal of every project we work on is a positive impact on both our clients and the end users. This has meant that we have reliable cooperation both with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Roads of Serbia and Corridors of Serbia, and with local governments and private investors throughout the country. We also have more than good feedback from contractors and end users.

The state has planned many capital infrastructure facilities for this and the following years. Are you involved in any of them?

The company’s portfolio includes various projects, specific and interesting from a professional viewpoint and important both for the entire Republic of Serbia and for the development of our engineers. As a company or as individual engineers, we have been involved in all major projects in the country in the last 35 years. Through design and design review services, our experts have participated in rehabilitation and construction projects for more than 700 kilometres of state roads, while we have worked on urban road projects for more than 50 local governments. Among other things, we are currently working on road projects for nine wind farms, over 500 kilometres of roads for more than 230 turbines. We design roads according to the specifications of various wind turbine manufacturers (Siemens, Vestas, GE and ENERCON).

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