Miroslav Nikolić, President of the Municipality of Knić

Export Grows, Surplus Grows

Knić is located near the airport, important roads and major cities – Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Čačak and Gornji Milanovac – making it ideal for all industries

The Mayor says that everyone is welcome – fruit growers, farmers, tourists, nature lovers, but also those who would like to start a business.

We are creating the conditions for a better life. We are developing the infrastructure ourselves because it is in our interest that companies operate successfully. Only in such circumstances can they create jobs for our workers and young professionals who should stay in their home towns and make their own families here.

Knić municipality has recorded excellent economic growth in recent years. You listen to the needs of fellow citizens, learn, prepare projects, what are your advantages, what can the municipality of Knić offer?

– Knić Municipality has an exceptional strategic position for the development of business and agriculture. We are the centre of Serbia, we are located near large cities, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Čačak and Gornji Milanovac, we have all the advantages of a city, but we have preserved the warmth and intimacy, family values and togetherness inherent to smaller communities.

Knić municipality is at a crossroads. Just 15 kilometres away lies the Morava airport, there are two motorways nearby, and the Kosovo Polje – Lapovo railway passes through Knić, which are enormous advantages because we can deliver raw materials and export products from the territory of our municipality quickly and cheaply.

Agriculture is the main activity here, but there are more and more small and medium enterprises, family businesses. The local government encourages the development of entrepreneurship, subsidises employment, procurement of equipment.

In 2018 exports of €23 million were realised, 51 per cent more than in 2017, and a surplus of €10 million, 2.7 times higher than in 2017. Foreign companies from Norway and Italy are already successfully operating on our territory, and we also have former industrial plants, some mini industrial zones suitable for fast start-up businesses.

We are creating conditions for young people in the Knić municipality to live in the town and work in the most developed regions of Europe

You are one of few municipalities that successfully brings young people back to the country, you pay special attention to families, especially women … What kind of benefits do you offer?

– Everything we do, we do for the young, so they can stay or return to their home town. We have renovated schools and kindergartens, we have introduced new educational profiles for high school students. In addition to the existing Business Faculty, we are opening a master programme for agro-economists with the University of Kragujevac. Farming is the primary sector, but there are more and more modern orchards as can be seen in the most famous fruit-growing regions. Together with our farmers, we develop farms and orchards. Over the last two years, we have subsidised more than 700 farms from the municipal budget. We invest significant funds in healthcare, social and population policies and we have seen an increase in the number of births. We are restoring the existing infrastructure and building new to improve living conditions and attract investors.

Knić municipality also has tourist potential. Do you plan to invest in this field?

– Our region has a true cultural and historical treasure. Excavations at the Grivac locality testify to life in this area 6,000 years ago during the Neolithic age, and we also have the two medieval towns Čestin and Borač, as well as the monastery Kamenac from the 15th century.

Knić is also known for its natural phenomenon, the Borački krš, the volcanic rocks in the middle of the Gruža valley, at the foot of which is a church from the 14th century. Every spring, an international photo safari is held here. Our Gruža lake has excellent conditions for hunting and fishing tourism and water sports. We are known for rural and ethno-tourism.

Svetlana Anđelić, President Of The Municipal Assembly Of Knić

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Municipality Of Knić

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