Mirjana Gomilanović, PCC / Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, One2Grow

Tools For Developing Champions

"I am happy about the trend of HR representatives, and often even the top management of companies, dedicating themselves to the development of coaching culture, returning the employee and their pleasure to the core of running a business”

Mirjana Gomilanovic

Mirjana Gomilanović is a professional business and coach trainer. In addition to starting One2Grow, she is running education and leader development projects in international companies, with particular focus on the development of management and teams, leaders and leadership competences, as well as change management. Education and constant work on oneself is an imperative for the age we live in, and our interlocutor says: “Nothing is as constant as change”.

-Anyone who wants to be successful must be aware that without constant work on oneself and pushing one’s limits, one cannot get far. A university diploma is only a ticket for further development. Many, unfortunately, never enter this domain, and their ticket soon expires. Depending on what success means for you, we develop a certain set of knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, many miss this analytical step. Coaching, a tool for developing champions, is irreplaceable for getting in touch with one’s own essence, creating a vision, defining a strategy and action steps, raising the level of motivation and focus to implement the defined steps and reach the desired goal efficiently.

For a person to be successful and accomplished, either as a leader or part of a team, they first have to be satisfied with themselves. How do we achieve this?

– So far nobody has come up with a magical zipper that can split us each morning into our private and business sides. Wherever we are, we are complete persons. The education of internal coaches and leaders for practising coaching communication is an important part of introducing a coaching culture. The hiring of professional coaches provides strong support to the overall process and contributes to the stability and quality of developing a business. On the other hand, leaders have the opportunity to develop themselves, learn trust, patience, gratitude, delegation and accepting ideas that are not their own.

Coaching as a management style develops employees and teaches them to take responsibility

A good manager should be capable of managing the entire business, including the staff, but primarily their own life, which is not easy. Can coaching help, and how?

– Setting people at the core of doing business is a long-term process. Every individual, including the leader, has the responsibility of dedicating time to understand oneself, dive into their own needs, sources of pleasure, and undertake steps that will help them be an accomplished person. Sometimes it is more important to define those aspects that limit us, or are in discord with our essence, and finds ways to eliminate dissatisfaction. Working with a professional coach certainly helps in this.

Many people are paralysed by doubt in their own capabilities, fear of new things, of challenges and changes, even when they are good, and it keeps them from development and progress. How do we overcome this fear and move forward?

– Fears are part of our everyday lives. We acquire them in the earliest childhood and live with them convinced we cannot do some things, or we create (non-existent) cause-effect links (”If I stand up to my manager, I’ll get fired”). As for phobias, anxiety or trauma, every professional coach will refer their client to colleagues, psychotherapists. In all other cases, work on limiting beliefs is one of the most frequent topics of coaching, because they are what prevents us from doing the things we ourselves know would be efficient and useful for us. Because of increasing individual efficiency, according to research implemented in Fortune 100 companies, coaching projects had a ROI nearly six times higher than the money invested.