Marija Tešić, Executive Director, Cotrugli Business School

Education Is A Matter Of Prestige

COTRUGLI is one of the most highly rated business education programmes in Southeast Europe, which, among other things, is recognised around the world and accredited by the Association of MBAs

With unconcealed pride over the successes achieved by the members of its alumni, COTRUGLI Business School Executive Director Marija Tešić highlights that they view education as a matter of prestige, which makes a difference not only in the life and career of the individual, but rather also in entire systems and, ultimately, on the market.

The demands of the modern market impose the need to learn and advance continuously. Is that what actually brings so many businesspeople to your school and MBA programme?

Today’s labour market is very dynamic and traditional education models are moving ever further away from concepts that ultimately lead to the building of a successful career in business. There are numerous reasons for that: digitalisation and the advancement of technology, the expansive growth of new professions, education that’s in a constant redefining process, the development of creative industries that demand the complex management of people and processes. There are many reasons, but only one conclusion: it is essential to continuously invest in specialist business learning. However, in that process itself, one should choose whom to give one’s time and money wisely, because this market segment is very competitive, with various seminars and ad hoc courses.

Selecting the right business advancement programme should nonetheless be viewed strategically and chosen on the basis of what a particular investment will bring one in the long run, and not only in terms of knowhow and expertise, but rather also in terms of business networks and new contacts, as well as potential future career advancement opportunities.

One chooses whom to give one’s time and money wisely, because this market segment is very competitive, with various seminars and ad hoc courses

Is that which is taught at your school applicable to real-world situations? Is that the greatest value of the MBA programme?

Professors of the COTRUGLI MBA programmes are world-renowned lecturers from the world’s leading business schools, and simultaneously consultants of global companies, and they are actually the ones who bring and transfer their rich experiences and real-world situations and challenges from business environments to our alumni, which they also upgrade with their own important theoretical models and knowledge.

This fusion that COTRUGLI nurtures – with modern theoretical foundations on the one hand, and applied experiences and expertise on tangible and relevant examples from the most successful companies on the other – is that which makes the programme itself so prestigious.

The title of MBA means that one’s knowhow, abilities and status are recognised worldwide. Does this title also equate to an advantage in terms of securing employment for the candidate who holds it?

We carried out an important survey among the members of our alumni during this year, through which we gleaned excellent data. As many as 74% of participants in the COTRUGLI Business School MBA programme have achieved advancement in their careers after completing their studies, while 64% of them have received raises and achieved long-term financial progress since enrolling in their studies. All this serves to confirm to us that we have a programme that has significant applications in practice, that takes our alumni “a step further”, but even that isn’t all that this programme provides for them.

It’s extremely important to consider that our students are part of the top management teams of the region’s largest companies in various industries, which is great networking that they receive through our programmes.

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