Jovana Antović, Public Policy And Corporate Communications Manager, Metro Cash & Carry Serbia

Metro’s Company Culture Is One Of True Diversity And Inclusion

Those fortunate enough to have experienced a good, positive, working atmosphere know that the very reason behind it is a solid company culture – a culture based on values and rules of conduct that determine ways of communicating, cooperating and managing people. These values and rules should be based on universally recognised freedoms.

I have deliberately used the term ‘fortunate enough’ for those like me, who have had the opportunity to develop their career in nurturing and affirmative surroundings, because even though we live in the 21st century and topics of diversity and inclusion should be integral to every workplace – those aren’t always more than just letters on paper.

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However, with younger generations entering the global workforce and ever-changing business models – “agility” is becoming an increasingly more relevant approach when it comes to defining and implementing any culture, especially the culture of big companies. And yet, I believe that the core of every successful business culture lies in employee satisfaction, in that good feeling “in the stomach” that we have in the morning while getting ready to start a new workday that makes us feel contentment.

Achieving that feeling is never easy, and the steps necessary to achieve the goal of having satisfied employees must start from the beginning – which is basic respect for human rights and freedoms. That’s because it’s only when we feel respected by our colleagues and employer that we can be at our best professionally and, of course, personally.

For METRO AG, and consequently METRO Serbia, this topic is essential because we operate in over 30 countries, employ almost 100,000 people and serve millions of customers – of all different national, religious or political backgrounds, ages, genders, or sexual orientations. For this global corporation to feel and function like a stable system, rather than the mere sum of its parts – it is necessary to cultivate a culture in which everyone can express themselves and share their opinions without fear.

For METRO AG, and consequently METRO Serbia, this topic is essential because we operate in over 30 countries, employ almost 100,000 people and serve millions of customers – of all different national, religious or political backgrounds, ages, genders, or sexual orientations

For example, METRO AG has recently been recognised for its comprehensive commitment to employees from the LGBTIQ+ community and has been awarded the PRIDE Champion Gold Employer Seal by the UHLALA-Group, one of the leading LGBTIQ+ social enterprises. The company’s focus on visibility and communication, as well as legal framework and regulations, were the key factors leading to this valuable acknowledgement.

METRO stands and acts against discrimination of every kind, on any issue. As this is true for us, we also expect it of our business partners, demanding the same principles be applied in their business operations if they want to work with us.

At METRO, everyone can truly develop and grow professionally, based solely on their work, skills and career ambitions, while respecting others and contributing to creating a positive working atmosphere between colleagues, business partners and customers.

Creating this kind of company culture took decades of education, learning and dedicated work, and the results are well-earned and we believe equally durable. And that’s why so many METRO employees, myself included, are proud to be able to state publicly that METRO is truly a place where everyone can be who they are!

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